Amigurumi from A to Z 

 May 31, 2018

By  kali@thefriendlyredfox.com

I am over the moon excited to announce this project! I have been giving hints on my Facebook page, in the Friendly Crochet Club, and over on Instagram… And I am so ready to finally be able to talk about it with you all!


Each pattern will follow the style I have worked to cultivate as an amigurumi designer. I enjoy patterns that are unique but simple. I don’t like to over-complicate my patterns because I just don’t think I need to! I like to add special details, make smart yarn choices, and be creative with basic shapes to make something wonderful. I strive to make my patterns, if not absolutely beginner friendly, at least at a level that a determined beginner could figure out. I also work pretty hard to provide tutorials to help along the way!

Now the part I am most excited about! I need YOUR help! I have had so many wonderful ideas from the friends I have made in the Friendly Crochet Club and on Instagram and I don’t want it to stop! I will be asking for ideas for each letter using your input for what I make! And as a thank you for your help, for every letter I will be doing some kind of a giveaway! If you make the pattern and post it on Instagram or on Facebook and tag me (@thefriendlyredfox) and use the hashtag #friendlyatoz you will be automatically entered for a chance to win as well as be featured in the Friendly Newsletter and on my other social media!

These will be posted as free patterns on my blog, although a few patterns might be exclusive to the book I will be compiling at the end of this journey. I also will focus on animals because that is one of my favorite things to make but I won’t be limiting myself to that either. For example, for the letter “F” I might make a fox or a flamingo. Or a fairy or a fireman!

If you want to follow along on this journey with me there are a few things you can do to stay in the loop. First, join the Friendly Crochet Club if you haven’t already! A LOT of the fun will take place in there. Also follow along on Instagram! Quite a bit of the behind the scenes, polling, and tip giving will be over there. Then, last but REALLY not least, make sure you are signed up for the Friendly Newsletter! This is the BEST way to see what I am making as it comes directly to your inbox!

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Here are all the Amigurumi A to Z patterns so far!

Alan the Alligator

Buzz the Bee

Chloe the Cow

Andrew Duckwell Waddlington III

Elliot the Elephant

Frederick the Fox

Gloria the Goat

Prickles the Hedgehog

Iggy the Iguana

Squishy the Jellyfish

Keith the Koala

Lionel the Lion

Milo the Monkey

Ned and Norah the Narwhals

Otto the Otter

Percy the Penguin




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