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Crochet Jellyfish Pattern- keychain

Crochet Jellyfish Pattern

This little crochet jellyfish pattern makes a keychain that is about 4 inches tall, but that includes the wavy tentacles. A perfect size for keychains, or as a little backpack friend. Very quick, this will become a fun favorite for when you need a quick make!

Squishy is the Letter J pattern in my Amigurumi A to Z series! See the other patterns in the series here. Also, take a minute and read my amigurumi tips and tricks post. It will help a lot with all the details and how to get your amigurumi iguana just right!

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Please note this pattern is only for PERSONAL USE. Please feel free to make as many
items as you wish for yourself, or as gifts. You may sell items made with this pattern but
share, reproduce, or sell this pattern. Please respect my rights as designer. This pattern is the intellectual property of The Friendly Red Fox.

Crochet Jellyfish Pattern Materials and Details

You will need:
Approx 20g of worsted (aran) weight yarn in a main color and accent color
Crochet Hook in Size 3.25
Tapestry Needle
Polyfil or preferred stuffing
6mm safety eyes
stitch marker
Embroidery thread for mouth
Keychain part (this is an affiliate link to the kind I use!)

SC- single crochet
SC INC- single crochet increase (2 SC in each stitch)
HDC- Half Double Crochet
DC- Double Crochet
TRC- Triple Crochet
INV DEC- Invisible decrease (put hook through the FRONT LOOP ONLY of two consecutive stitches [two loops on hook] Yarn over pull through both loops. [two loops on hook] Yarn over pull through two loops)
Magic Circle- Make a loop, leaving a long tail to work with. Insert hook in center of loop, yarn over and draw up a loop. Yarn over, pull through to make the first chain (this does not count as a stitch!). Continue to crochet over the loop and tail with the number of stitches called for. (If you need 6 SC, then crochet 6 SC inside the ring.) Pull the tail to close the circle.

Crochet Jellyfish Pattern Video

You may want to watch this video to help with some of the trickier parts of this pattern! You will love how fast these work up!

Crochet Jellyfish Pattern

Jellyfish Head
Round 1: Leave a long tail (you will use this to sew on the keychain), then 6 SC in a magic circle.
Round 2: SC INC in each around. (12)
Round 3: SC in first, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (18)
Round 4: SC in first 2, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (24)
Round 5: SC in first 3, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (30)
Rounds 6-11: SC in each around. (30)
Skip one stitch and *DC 3x in one stitch. Skip another stitch and slip stitch to the next.* Repeat * * around. Slip stitch one more time and fasten off. Leave a long tail to sew the bottom/tentacles on.
Attach safety eyes between rows 8 and 9 about 4 stitches apart. Sew on the mouth with embroidery thread. You can sew the keychain on will the long tail you used at the beginning. If you want to wait until the end, make sure you weave the end so it on the outside of the head, then sew it on at the end.

Jellyfish Bottom/straight tentacles
Round 1: 6 SC in a magic circle.
Round 2: SC INC in each around. (12)
Round 3: SC in first, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (18)
Round 4: SC in first 2, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (24)
Round 5: SC in the first 4. Chain 20. In the second chain from hook, slip stitch in the remaining 19 chains back. SC in the same stitch that you chained from. (This is the tentacle. Repeat 5 more times. Fasten off and weave in the end.

Curly Middle Tentacles
Chain 20. In the second chain from the hook, SC INC. SC INC in each remaining chain. Once you reach the top, repeat 2 more times. Fasten off and leave a long tail. Sew the tops of the tentacles closer together and attach to the middle of the bottom tentacle piece.

Stuff the head as well as you can (you might need to finish it a little bit more after sewing.) Place the tentacles inside the head, lined up right above the scallops, on the 11th row. Use pins to keep it in place. Using the long tail from the head, attach the bottom tentacles by sewing it neatly on. If you need to stuff it a little more, make sure to do so before you attach it completely. Weave in the ends. If you need more help, watch the video above!

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