Solid Seamless Granny Square

I love the look of the traditional solid granny square. With the right colors, I feel like the solid geometrical shape is so timeless. But I never loved the seam I was left with, or the fact that I needed to weave over to the corner to begin the sewing process. So I went to the internet to find a solid seamless granny square. I found a few, but didn’t love the long and involved process or the finished look. I was left to devise my own solid, seamless granny square and I am pretty thrilled with the results!

The basics are the same. If you are familiar with most solid crochet square patterns, you begin with 3 DC (American Terms) on each side, with a chain 2 for each corner. To increase you will have (2 DC, chain 2, 2 DC) in each corner gap. Then a single stitch in each stitch across until you reach the corner gap. Then repeat! So each side increases by 4 every time. With that basic knowledge, I will share my tweaks to make it seamless and beginning/ending at the corner every time. I created a video, or scroll down for a step by step with pictures!

DC- double crochet (American terms)

ch- chain 2

Row 1: In a magic circle, chain 2 (treat this as a DC now and each time going forward.) 2 DC into the circle, ch 2 (3 DCs in circle, Ch 2) 3x for a total of 4 sides. (12DC total, 3 per side.)

Row 2: Turn the square around. Slip stitch into the corner gap. Chain two. Turn the square back around so you see the front. DC in the same corner gap. DC in each of the the 3 st. (2DC, Ch 2, 2 DC) in each corner (the previous row’s chain 2 space.) Repeat for a total of 4 sides. (28 DC total, 7 per side)

You can now continue the same pattern to make as big a square as you want. Remember, you DC in each stitch across the side with (2 DC, ch 2, 2 DC) in each corner. You will use the slip stitch back, chain 2 method for every row to avoid the seam.

If you are having trouble with the method of getting back to the corner, I highly recommend watching the video. Sometimes seeing it in action helps make it click!

There are a lot of things you can do with a seamless solid crochet square, but I chose to use my scrap yarn to make a rainbow blanket! It was a perfect time to try out this technique. I really loved working on it. It was the perfect project for me at the time- easy and mindless, but the colors made it so it wasn’t too monotonous!

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