The Friendly Superhero-A Free Crochet Pattern

The free pattern for The Friendly Superhero has long been in the works. I am a mom to two boys and have been wanting to make something that they would love, especially my 4 year old. I don't know if most little boys go through this, but he has things that are his "favorite" and cycles through them. Cars were his favorite, then cowboys, then dinosaurs... Now the big thing is superheros. Even blowing bubbles is his "superpower." He flys around our home and beats up the bad guys (and my couch in the process). This was so much fun to make because he picked the colors (green and blue-classic!!) and I made it with the same hair color as him. The blue and red hero has curly blonde hair like my little toddler. Then because I can't help it, I had to make a girl version. Because strong female characters have my heart forever.

Free Crochet Kitty Pattern- Ballerina

The last in the Ballerina Animals trio, this sweet little crochet kitty is perfectly sweet with her little bow! Just under 15 inches tall, she is the perfect huggable size for a gift that will be cherished for years. I love the contrast with the white, but she would be equally as adorable in a gray or even a calico blend! Have fun making her your own. Be sure to share a picture of your own creation in the Friendly Crochet Club on Facebook!

Free Crochet Bear Ballerina Pattern

This free crochet bear pattern is a fun twist on a classic design! The sweet tutu dress, the pretty flowers and adorable slippers add so much fun detail to this little Ballerina Bear. The finished bear comes to about 15 inches tall, and 3 inches wide, the perfect size for cuddle and play! Make one and then be sure to make the Ballerina Bunny and a Ballerina Kitty to keep her company.

Crochet Ballerina Bunny

This little crochet bunny ballerina pattern has been such a joy to design! Her little dress and especially the floral crown (all the heart eyes!!) add so much personality! The perfect little gift for the aspiring ballerina, or anyone who loves the girly! And I don't know what it is about animals in dresses but I love it! Be sure to share a picture of your own creation in the Friendly Crochet Club on Facebook!

Free Crochet Keychain Pattern- Ice Cream Cone

I had a request from a good friend to make a crochet ice cream cone keychain... how can I refuse?? These are so fun and quick! Perfect pool side project, don't you think? These little crochet key chains would be so cute on a little back pack or bag, too! Or leave off the chain and you have a cute pretend ice cream cone!

Free Crochet Doll Pattern- The Friendly Sophie

I am so excited to be offering this as a free crochet doll pattern! It has been one of my very favorite Friendly Dolls to make. I have already seen so many sweet pictures of these given as gifts. Be sure to check out the variations of this doll toward the bottom. AND all of the details for the Princess Sophie doll are removable, so you can have an entire wardrobe for her!

Big News!

It's been long debated, worried over and prayed about... But I have decided that I am going to make my premium patterns available on the blog for free! This decision was not taken lightly. I have thought and talked about it for months. As much as it is a business decision (want to read about how my blog is a business? Head HERE), I am excited to share something I love SO much with so many more people!
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