How to Crochet a Headband in Any Size!

Have you ever wanted to crochet a headband in any size? I have some tips and tricks so that you can! You will need to make sure of a few different things before you try this... First, you will need to choose a headband

The Friendly Giraffe- A Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

This free crochet giraffe pattern is one of my very favorites! I have made it for baby showers, toddlers, even adults! It is always a hit! And I don't limit myself to traditional colors... that is half the fun!

The Friendly Sophie Crochet Doll

I love this crochet doll pattern! She is so sweet and sophisticated. With those long legs and arms, she works up fairly quickly but is still a great size for a doll! Both of the dolls here have such personality. In the pattern I include all the tips and tricks to get the look you want, whether it be embroidered eyes, or safety eyes and eyelashes, shirt or dress, boots or pants. Either way, this crochet doll pattern is so fun! 

The Best Crochet Costumes

 There are so many creative patterns out there, perfect for crochet costumes! Last year, I had a lot of people buy character hats and add a little tutu for Halloween (how stinking adorable would that be?)! Or it would be easy to create the rest of the outfit with thrift store finds. The crochet costume may be all you need! The fun with these crochet costumes is that they can work for Halloween, but they can also be a fun dress up item, or just used for the every day! Either way, you will have fun making them. Have you crocheted costumes before?

The Ribs and Ridges Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

If you would like a printable version of this pattern without any ads, I have provided one HERE.

This free crochet pattern should look familiar- It is my Katniss Cowl but on a much smaller scale! It is just such a fun pattern (I also have a headband version) that I wanted it in a more day to day scarf! So the Ribs and Ridges Scarf came to be!

Best Amigurumi Tips and Tricks for Doll Faces

There is a lot that goes into making crochet dolls face... Every little detail is what makes the doll unique, special. Those details are my favorite part of making amigurumi- dolls or otherwise. The face deserves a lot of attention because it can change the whole aspect of the doll! When I started out, I had a lot of missed steps and trial and error. Now I feel much more confident when it comes to making the faces... and I am going to share the tips and tricks I have learned!

The Friendly Mermaid Crochet Doll

The Friendly Mermaid Doll is a little under 12 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide (not including the arms and hair.) This is the perfect doll for little girls who dream of being a mermaid and swimming in the sea. For this mermaid, I recommend using size 4 worsted weight yarn in whatever color you prefer. This particular one used Stylecraft’s Special Chunky in Cream. The beauty of the doll is that you are able to customize her in any way you would like! Enjoy making her!
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