Free Crochet Unicorn Pattern

I have never EVER done a crochet along so close together. We just finished up this Friendly Zebra Pattern but I have had an insane amount of requests so we are going to have double the fun! But crochet alongs take a lot of work so this one won't start until Friday, March 16. BUT I have had so many people ask for the pattern now so that they can make it for their loved ones who have a birthday coming up, or they want it for Easter, or JUST CANNOT BE CHILL ABOUT UNICORNS so I do have the PDF available on Etsy and Ravelry. It will be at a higher price until the crochet along starts, then it will be dropped to my regular printable PDF price. Because you are getting it early ;) The pattern will be completely free on my blog come Friday so if you can wait that long, you are set!

Changing Colors in Amigurumi

Changing colors in amigurumi can be frustrating... extra time, jagged, edges, etc. It may even keep you from making fun projects like this crochet zebra! (ALL those stripes!) But there is a simple, easy, and clean looking way to change colors! This video will show you in depth the way I changed colors for my free zebra pattern.

Free Crochet Zebra Pattern

I am SOO excited to share this Free Crochet Zebra Pattern with you in a crochet along! I love how they turned out, and those adorable stripes makes every color change WORTH IT. And if you are thinking "no way, I hate changing colors in amigurumi" you can stop right there because I made a ridiculously in depth video to show you the best and easiest way to do it. In fact, I made quite a few videos on the scariest parts of amigurumi so that even a beginner can make this! I promise. And since this is a crochet along, there will be a lot of hand holding. Are you ready to get started?

Crochet Hexagon Video Tutorial

This crochet hexagon video tutorial shows the process to crochet a hexagon of any size. Once you have the pattern down, the options are endless! I had such a wonderful time making a blanket out of these crochet hexagons. I really enjoyed working with all the rainbow colors, but I think this would be really pretty in neutrals or your favorite color scheme, too! You can check out the much smaller crochet hexagon blanket I made for my son in greens and blues... and I love that one too!

The Friendly Lolly- a Free Crochet Doll Pattern

The Friendly Lolly is a sweet dolly designed to sit on a shelf, or a bed, or a bookcase... Or just to be carried around! She is 7 inches from bottom to head, but close to 15 counting the legs. While I had a lot of fun playing with the colors, you can easily adapt this doll to match a little girl’s room, or her favorite colors, or as a look alike doll! The possibilities are endless.

Top Crochet Blogger Posts of 2017

I has such a good time checking my own Top 5 Posts of 2017 that I wondered what worked really well for other bloggers... So I asked them! If you are looking for some awesome patterns for 2018 (or maybe you made on of these?) this post should be a great place to start! Also, make sure you follow these bloggers, too! They are all so talented and put out so much amazing content.

Top Posts of 2017

I love this time of year. While we celebrate the Holidays, I like to look forward to the New Year and set new goals and think of new dreams! While doing that, I think it is important to look back over the year, too. As a blogger I like to see how things did, what posts people loved and what they kept coming back for! So in case you are wondering too, here are my Top Five Posts of 2017!

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