Crochet Santa Hat Jar Topper

I wanted a quick gift idea that I could give to neighbors and friends. Something nice and meaningful, but that didn't take too much time. This Crochet Santa Hat Jar Topper was perfect and I think they are going to like them. Because who doesn't like chocolate and a crocheted Santa Hat??

My Absolute Favorite Crochet Stuff

As a blogger I get a lot of questions. When I start to see a trend I think to myself, "I should write a post on that!" So that is what I am doing today! I am sharing all of my very favorite crochet related things. This is a pretty small list, BUT they are all the things that I have discovered over the years that I would be very sad to do without. Not all of them are exactly NECESSARY (except for number 1!) but have made a difference in my crochet universe. Excited?? Me too!

Free Crochet Hat Patterns

It's that time of year again... freezing. Winter in Idaho is no joke, and I need all the free crochet hat patterns out there to make for my family and friends! I love to make these for my kids, or as gifts! A couple of years ago I was churning out hats for craft fairs. The free crochet fox hat and the free crochet little pony hat were my best sellers (and the penguin didn't do too bad either!) Time to whip up some hats and cover some cold little ears! Here is a collection of all of my free crochet hat patterns for you to take a look at and enjoy! If you make something from this collection, take a minute and share a picture in The Friendly Crochet Club on facebook! and be sure to tag me on instagram! I love to see what you are making! 

Free Crochet Hat Friendly Fox

I love foxes. This free crochet fox hat pattern is therefore one of my favorites! This is the worsted weight version of this bulky hat pattern and has been much asked for! A cute little cover for your (or your little one's!) head, perfect for the other fox fans out there. You can make it as decorative or simple as you want. I include the instructions for the basic and "furry" face. You can make sizes toddler, child and teen/adult.

Crochet for Boys

In the past I had a hard time finding crochet things for my boys that I actually wanted to make. Crochet projects for boys seemed a little outdated or not something that they would be interested in. So I created some of my own patterns for things that they were into at the time.
Right now my boys love anything I make (dolls included) but there are certain things that I make that they love and play with the most! If you are trying to think of something to make for the boys in your life check out my little guys favorite patterns! These are also great for girls (especially the first one!) but I only have boys so my research is limited to them! HA!
Don't think that these are meant only for boys!! Notice the fun Super Hero Gal... I know girls love dinosaurs, super heros, etc. I know I did!! This is just a helpful guide for those looking for a crochet project geared towards boys!

Free Crochet Moose and Crochet Reindeer Pattern

This crochet moose and crochet reindeer was a lot of fun to make! I had this image in my head that I worked really hard to replicate- the perfect crochet moose to sit on a little shelf at Christmas-time. This little moose needed a little friend, so with a few alterations, the crochet reindeer was made! Both are made to sit on a shelf with the legs dangling over. I love the neutrals of the moose and the vibrant Christmasyness of the reindeer! They are 7 inches from bottom to head, but close to 15 counting the legs.

The Friendly Monster- a Free Crochet Pattern

This friendly little crochet monster pattern is way more cute than scary! Her little monster costume makes you feel like she is going to say "boo!" at any minute. The free crochet pattern is ideal for those that love Monsters. I think she would be fun to make in a whole bunch of other colors. Maybe a solid red? Or blue? Leave off the bangs and eyelashes for a more "boyish" look like these.

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