The Friendly Lolly- a Free Crochet Doll Pattern

The Friendly Lolly is a sweet dolly designed to sit on a shelf, or a bed, or a bookcase... Or just to be carried around! She is 7 inches from bottom to head, but close to 15 counting the legs. While I had a lot of fun playing with the colors, you can easily adapt this doll to match a little girl’s room, or her favorite colors, or as a look alike doll! The possibilities are endless.

Top Crochet Blogger Posts of 2017

I has such a good time checking my own Top 5 Posts of 2017 that I wondered what worked really well for other bloggers... So I asked them! If you are looking for some awesome patterns for 2018 (or maybe you made on of these?) this post should be a great place to start! Also, make sure you follow these bloggers, too! They are all so talented and put out so much amazing content.

Top Posts of 2017

I love this time of year. While we celebrate the Holidays, I like to look forward to the New Year and set new goals and think of new dreams! While doing that, I think it is important to look back over the year, too. As a blogger I like to see how things did, what posts people loved and what they kept coming back for! So in case you are wondering too, here are my Top Five Posts of 2017!

Mountain Ridges Crochet Hat- a free pattern

This free crochet hat pattern has been a LONG time coming! I have wanted to make a matching hat ever since I made the Ribs and Ridges scarf! But a few tries ended up in my WIP pile until I finally decided to try again and I am so so happy with the result! The Mountain Ridges Crochet Hat made me think of getting a Christmas tree up in the mountains so that is what I named it :)

Quick Crochet Gifts

Sometimes you need a quick crochet gift. You forgot about that baby shower, or a birthday is coming up... Your husband forgot to tell you that he needs a gift for a coworker. These things happen. And I have your back with some super quick crochet gifts!

Free Crochet Doll Pattern- The Friendly Zoey

I am really excited to release this free crochet doll pattern! I have been wanting to create a crochet doll pattern that could be made really quickly so I had three things I kept in mind when making Zoey. Simple, speedy, and sweet. I love how quick her hair works up (most crochet doll's hair is a serious labor of love!) but the bold color makes it so fun. And if you rather not use the pom poms, you can use the pigtail method I used on The Friendly Molly doll! I think it would be just as cute in traditional colors as well- perfect for a little look alike doll! The dress is also fairly simple- a timeless, classic look. And of course the size means you can make one of these in a day! The Friendly Zoey doll is just under 9 inches tall and can easily be held by little hands.

Crochet Santa Hat Jar Topper

I wanted a quick gift idea that I could give to neighbors and friends. Something nice and meaningful, but that didn't take too much time. This Crochet Santa Hat Jar Topper was perfect and I think they are going to like them. Because who doesn't like chocolate and a crocheted Santa Hat??

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