Monday, July 25, 2016

Free Pattern C2C Fox Block Blanket

It is done! 20 colorful fox squares later and I have maybe my most favorite thing I ever made. I'm a little bummed that it is the middle of summer so I can't cuddle up with it. But doing the border in this heat almost killed me, so I just look at it and dream of cool autumn nights!

The blanket was done using the corner to corner method, which is my new favorite and I have many more projects in mind! For the free graph pattern for the fox square check out THIS POST. It really is super fun, and works up surprisingly quickly for a blanket this size. Like I said, I made 20 squares and arranged them in a 4x5 rectangle. Each square is almost a square foot. I sewed them together using the same method that I used for my hexagon blanket. I love how this method lays flat... just what I wanted for this blanket.

I tried out another new stitch for the border and I am super excited with how it turned out! After going around the entire thing with a single crochet, I used the crab stitch, aka the reverse stitch. It is a super fun stitch to use, and was perfect for the blanket! I wanted something simple (the blanket it already colorful and busy enough on its own!) but something a little more than a simple single crochet. The texture is really fun, too.

One of the things that I love about the corner to corner technique is the back is the same as the front! Cool, huh??

This was the first thing I have ever made just for ME. I have made things for my boys, gifts for others, and stuff for my ETSY shop but I never started out making something that was meant for me to keep! And if I was to crochet something that was me personified, this is definitely it. I LOVE foxes and color!

Remember to check out this post if you want the free graph for make your own!
These are my favorite crochet tools, and what I used to make the blanket. (Affiliate links)