Free Crochet Doll Mermaid Fin Pattern- Sophie Edition

Why choose if you want a princess or a mermaid doll?? Why not have BOTH?! This crochet mermaid edition to the Princess Sophie doll allows you the best of both worlds! Because Sophie's clothes are all removable, the bikini top and mermaid tail can be added for more "under the sea" play and then the dress, shoes and crown can go back on for adventures on dry land! (Or leave the crown on for a mermaid princess!)

Crochet Doll Pattern- The Friendly Leilani

The Friendly Leilani crochet doll comes with adventure vibes and Hawaiian dress! Leilani loves the ocean, exploring and a good joke. She measures about 15 inches tall 3 inches wide (not including the arms and hair.) For Leilani, I recommend using size 4 worsted weight yarn in whatever color you prefer. This particular one used I Love this Yarn in Mocha. The hair is I Love this Yarn in black.

Free Crochet Dinosaur Pattern- The Friendly Dino

The Friendly Dino is the essence of little paleontologists dreams. While not exactly accurate or recognizable as any specific dinosaur, my boys quickly recognized him as one and began fighting each other with it immediately. (which is apparently the seal of approval in my home!) Dino is about 8 inches sitting down, and about 12 inches from foot to spike. He is a good size for cuddles and, like I said, play. Customize with stripes or circles! Change the colors for a more realistic look or choose a favorite color! Make the Friendly Dino your own!

The Friendly Molly

I am so excited to introduce to you, The Friendly Molly Crochet doll! At just over 9 inches, the Friendly Molly is the perfect size for little hands to cuddle. The body and head is made in one piece and I share some tips to minimize that dreaded "head wobble." Perfectly sweet with darling little pigtails and her little overalls, Molly would be a darling present for any little girl! I designed her with young ones in mind, so everything is attached, the hair is crocheted so it won't unravel, and extra cute for lots of play and snuggles.

The Friendly Molly Crochet a Long will begin on August 19. The pattern and my tips and tricks for making a crochet doll will be released during the course of one week.

Free Crochet Doll Pattern- The Friendly Grace

This free crochet doll pattern has been an absolute joy to make! Perfect for the little one that dreams of being a ballerina. If you follow my Free Crochet Doll Tutorials you can personalize this pattern to fit your own little ballerina. This little doll is about 15 inches tall and 3 inches wide. A great size for cuddling! You can make the doll with the dress attached or separate. The blue dress is not attahed and the pink is the attached version.

The Friendly Crochet Elephant-Part 3

Our Friendly Crochet Elephant pattern is coming to an end... But this crochet a long has been an amazing experience for me as a designer! It has been humbling and AMAZING to see such talented people bring such character and charm to this pattern. Thank you so much for all your shares!

If you are looking for a new pattern (finish one, start another, right?!), I have a whole list of my free patterns here. And please stay tuned! I have been working on some projects that I am really excited about!

The Friendly Crochet Elephant- Part 2

 Welcome to Part Two! It has been so fun to see all those legs and bodies being crocheted... This week, let's top it with a head shall we? This week our crochet elephant is getting a trunk, head and ears! Make sure you have some embroidery thread handy to make some cute eyelashes or brows. I love the character it adds to the face. If you want more tips about that read this post!

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