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Crochet Alien Pattern

This crochet alien pattern will knock you out of this world for three reasons: it is very low sew, works up quickly, and is made with cuddly, plush yarn.

Free Crochet Alien Pattern

There are a couple of things to love about this crochet alien pattern. It is a simple pattern, but still very cute! This would be a great thing to make if you do a lot of markets, because it works up quickly. This crochet pattern is low-sew.


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    This alien pattern is the plushie version of an earlier one I did! The yarn I used is Premier’s Parfait Chunky in Key Lime. You can substitute this with another size 6 bulky yarn, it might just change the size a little bit. In my experience, Michael’s Sweet Snuggles Lite yarn is the closest thing to the Parfait Chunky. Bernat Blanket yarn could also be used. You could also go a little bit more out of this world and make him glow in the dark! Or, if you want to use worsted weight yarn, you could try out the other crochet alien pattern I have.

    If you are looking for more quick plushie crochet patterns, you should check out my no-sew, one hour turtle and my classic teddy bear!

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      Materials you’ll need

      To get started making this free crochet alien pattern, you’ll want to gather all your materials first.

      • Premier Parfait Chunky in Key Lime (about 40g)
      • 15mm safety eyes
      • Polyfil stuffing
      • Crochet Hook in Size 3.75mm
      • Tapestry Needle
      • stitch marker


      SC- single crochet

      SC INC- single crochet increase

      INV DEC- Invisible decrease

      This little alien is made from the bottom up. You make two feet and attach them as you go. The head is made by decreasing the body and increasing back out. You will use a neck strengthener to keep the head stable. The feet, body, and head are made in one piece. The arms and antenna are attached at the end.

      Amigurumi Alien Crochet Pattern

      Neck Strengthener
      *Click here for a video and picture tutorial on how this works*

      In a magic circle, SC 7. SC in each around for a total of 7 rows. Fasten off and leave a long tail to sew the hole closed and sew through the neck.

      Crochet Pattern for Alien’s Body

      Round 1: In a magic circle, SC 8.
      Rounds 2-3: SC in each around. (8)
      Fasten off the first foot. On the second foot, chain 4 and slip stitch to the first leg where you fastened off.
      Round 4: SC in each stitch around the first leg (8). SC in each chain across. (4) SC in each stitch around the second leg. (8) SC on the other side of the chain. (4) Attach to the first SC with a slip stitch. (a total of 24)

      I go through this whole process in the video here, if you need a visual!

      Rounds 5-9: SC in each around. (24)
      Round 10: SC in the first, INV DEC in the next. Repeat around. (16)
      Rounds 11-12: SC in each around. (16)
      Begin to stuff here. Make sure you get the little feet well. Continue to stuff as you close.
      Round 13: INV DEC 8 times. (8)
      Round 14: SC in each around. (8)
      Round 15: In the front loop only, SC INC. (16)
      Round 16: SC in the first, SC INC in the next. Repeat around. (24)
      Round 17: SC in the first two stitches, SC INC in the next. Repeat around. (32)
      Rounds 18-22: SC in each around. (32)
      Insert the neck strengthener here (see notes!). Attach the eyes between rounds 19 and 20, about 4 stitches apart. Stuff as you close.
      Round 23: SC in the first 2, INV DEC in the next. Repeat around. (24)
      Round 24: SC in each around. (24)
      Round 25: SC in the first. INV DEC in the next.. Repeat around. (16)
      Round 26: INV DEC 8 times. (8)
      Fasten off and sew the remaining hole closed.

      Crochet Alien Parts

      NOTE: I highly suggest you visit this post before attaching the arms. This is my favorite method by far to attach limbs, and is worth watching the video and seeing the tutorial pictures!

      SC 7 in a magic circle
      Rounds 2-7: SC in each around. (7)
      Fasten off and weave in the end. Attach using the method outlined in this picture/video tutorial. This body is small enough you can use a normal tapestry needle.

      Round 1: In a magic circle, SC 6. (6)
      Round 2: SC INC in each around. (12)
      Round 3: INV DEC in each around. (6)
      Rounds 4-6: SC in each around. (6)
      Fasten off leaving a long tail to attach to the head. Attach them at the top, about 2 rounds out from the center of the head.

      Did you make this pattern?

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