The 12 Best Crocheted Items to Make at Home for a Profit

Crocheting is a great hobby, but crocheters have many choices when it comes to crocheting for profit. Find the best crocheted items to make for profit as you scroll down below!

There are a lot of ways to make a little (or a lot!) of extra money with crochet. The two main ways that I am aware of are to write and sell crochet patterns, or to sell the actual finished product. But this post focuses on the latter, more specifically, on WHAT to sell. I wanted to share my top 12 sellers and a few thoughts about each! If you are considering doing a craft fair (if you are, please check out the 15 things I wish I had known before my first one!) it is always helpful to have some feedback on what people want as well as the time/effort to profit ratio!

The Best Crocheted Sellers to make a Profit

Crochet Ice Cream Cone Keychains

These little ice cream cones are such a great seller! Although they aren’t a big ticket item, people buy enough of them that I felt like it was totally worth it. They work up really fast, take hardly any yarn, they are unique and eye catching, and work for a wide range of people. I get asked for these more often than any of my other, larger and maybe more impressive items. This is a great crochet project to make a profit on!

Crochet Pony Hat

Sometimes it catches you off guard what sells super well… and this little pony hat was my best seller BY FAR one year. I think people like that is unique and it is very easy to customize. This is a good one to have multiple sizes and colors in. People love the options!

The Molly Doll

The Friendly Molly is a good doll to make for a couple of reasons- this is a quicker doll to make, almost everything is made in one piece, and it seems like the perfect middle size. It also appeals to a wide range of ages.

Monkey Hat

This monkey hat is a classic. Cute, classic and comes with ear tassels. People absolutely love those! The free pattern also helps keep your costs down.

Jellyfish Keychain

These jellyfish keychains are an adorable option. Only take a little longer than the ice cream keychain, but you can charge more for it! Have lots of colorful options and people will go crazy over these little guys!

Mountain Ridges Hat

This mountain ridges hat takes a little longer to make, but people love the texture and the fur pom pom. You can also make your own fur pom pom to cut down on costs.

Crochet Unicorn

This unicorn amigurumi is a great seller for a very simple reason- people just love unicorns.

Crochet Superhero

This Superhero Doll is so easy to customize and people love things they can customize. This might be a better seller as a pre order than at a craft fair… But I bet if you have one there, people will be making orders!!

Crochet Zebra

This crochet zebra a popular one because it is such a classic. This one is great for nurseries!

Friendly Zoey

The friendly Zoey is the quickest doll pattern! You save a lot of time with the pom pom hair! Cute and fun and easy to make!

Mini Octopus

You will also love making this mini octopus! Tiny and cute, take hardly any yarn or time!

Flamingo Hat

This flamingo hat has the advantage of being pretty dang unique! I sold a lot of these before Halloween.

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