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Quick Crochet Gifts

Sometimes you need a quick crochet gift. You forgot about that baby shower, or a birthday is coming up… Your husband forgot to tell you that he needs a gift for a coworker. These things happen. And I have your back with some super quick crochet gifts!

These little ballerina animals are so darn cute and work up REALLY fast! They are my go-to last minute gift for a little girl!

And if you want a little girl version, the Friendly Zoey is also a super quick make! Faster than the Ballerina Animals!

This crochet scarf actually works up pretty quick. Perfect for someone who likes color and pom poms!

And if you like those bobbles, you will love this bobble hat! So cute with a little “extra” but almost as quick as a regular double crochet beanie!

I get asked a lot what my quickest doll to make is… I usually say The Friendly Mermaid

or the Friendly Molly! Molly is quick because her outfit is part of the doll and her hair goes much more quickly than some of my other dolls!

And this is the super lightning speed fast gift! Perfect for keys, for a bag, or a kid’s backpack!

Have a few people that you need a gift for? This headband can be made in any size and is perfect for any age!

This is a super fun gift, again for any age! You can personalize if for any kind of fleece (think flowers, sports teams, animals, super heros, plaid, paisley…!!) but doesn’t take NEAR as long to make as a traditional crochet blanket. You can get the special blade for it here.

This octopus is fun for babies (they love playing with the tentacles!) and extra fun if you put a rattle inside. But my almost 5 year old loves it too, and asked me to make him another one so they could fight each other. *eye roll*

And if you are even shorter on time, try out the mini version!

Another fun mini is the mini giraffe! So cute and tiny and sweet… and FAST!

Hats are almost always a great gift and generally work up pretty quickly! Here is a whole bunch of free patterns!

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