The Friendly Elephant Crochet A Long

This free elephant crochet pattern has been a long work in progress. I think I redid every single part and frogged the trunk about 8 times..I wanted to get it JUST RIGHT. I will be offering two ways to dress yours up but I actually think I like the plain version the best! Either way they are fun to make and such a fun size! The Friendly Elephant is about 10.5 inches tall and the body is 5 inches wide.

The pattern is split into 3 parts! You can find it here:

With the sweet expressions and little fuzzy hairs (also check out the little tail!!) they are the cuddliest little elephant you ever did see. And I am so excited to offer the free crochet pattern to you through my first Friendly Crochet a Long! There are a few reasons I wanted to offer the pattern this way.
NOTE: The crochet a long is now over, but the pattern is still available! And please still ask questions in the Friendly Crochet Club if you have any!!

  • To break it down for beginners
  • To provide a forum for questions and to help others
  • Teach a few different techniques
  • Crochet with wonderful people from around the world!

So many people tell me that they wish they could make something like amigurumi but don’t think they can and that makes me sad. I thought this would be a fun way to get started (and I wish I could have learned through such a way!) I have also loved being a part of The Friendly Crochet Club on Facebook! I am so inspired by the things that others share, especially some of the same projects, but with a different twist. I just love the idea of making something altogether and seeing what people come up.

The official start date with be July 5th and the CAL will continue until July 19. Each step of the pattern will be released on the Wednesday of each week. Be sure to follow me on Facebook as I do a Facebook Live every week to go over some of the things that will come up in that week’s phase.

Are you ready to join along??? I do have some homework for you…

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Then join the Friendly Crochet Club on facebook! You can go here to ask questions, get inspiration and share your project!

Get your Materials!!

To make your Friendly Elephant you will need:
Worsted Size 4 Yarn in Gray (about 125g) (I used I Love this Yarn in Gray)
Scrap yarn in white
Black embroidery thread (for eyelashes)
Crochet Hook in Size 3.5
Yarn Needle
Polyfil (this is the brand I HIGHLY recommend)
15mm safety eyes
stitch marker (I love these ones for amigurumi)
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Read my post on the best tips and tricks for amigurumi. This is a lot of the things that I wish I knew before I started!

You will need to know these abbreviations and stitches:
SC- single crochet

SC INC- single crochet increase (2 SC in each stitch)

INV DEC- Invisible decrease (put hook through the FRONT LOOP ONLY of two consecutive stitches [two loops on hook] Yarn over pull through both loops. [two loops on hook] Yarn over pull through two loops)

Magic Circle- Make a loop, leaving a long tail to work with. Insert hook in center of loop, yarn over and draw up a loop. Yarn over, pull through to make the first chain (this does not count as a stitch!). Continue to crochet over the loop and tail with the number of stitches called for. (If you need 6 SC, then crochet 6 SC inside the ring.) Pull the tail to close the circle.

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