My Absolute Favorite Crochet Stuff

As a blogger I get a lot of questions. When I start to see a trend I think to myself, “I should write a post on that!” So that is what I am doing today! I am sharing all of my very favorite crochet related things. This is a pretty small list, BUT they are all the things that I have discovered over the years that I would be very sad to do without. Not all of them are exactly NECESSARY (except for number 1!) but have made a difference in my crochet universe. Excited?? Me too!

This post contains affiliate links. That means I make a small percentage if you buy from the links I share at no cost to you!

1. My Clover Amour Hooks 
I love them with all my heart. I have had the same ones for almost 5 years and they are seriously as good as new. Seriously. I grip a little too tight sometimes and my hand would hurt so bad so I invested in these. Sooo much better. I also feel like I crochet faster. The material the actual hook is made out of is so smooth. They are also light weight which I appreciate. I can barely work with any other hook now.
I also have tried these hooks that are much cheaper. I will say for the price they are pretty good. But unlike my Clover’s, these hooks did not last as long. The rubber grip was constantly moving and were not as comfortable. However, for the price point, they can’t be beat. I still highly recommend the Clovers!

2. My Yarn Winder
I love winding yarn. I just organized my stash and wound all the half skeins and it makes such a difference. My “office” is actually one half of my bedroom and the husband objects to me storing yarn on his side of the bed (why wouldn’t he want to sleep in a bed of yarn? I just don’t know). And I actually can’t stand to work in a mess so I try pretty hard to keep it all organized but it can be hard in a small space. This seriously helps. My yarn stacks more neatly, takes up less space and is so much easier to see.
But mostly I love how easy it is to work with the yarn cakes it makes. No pulling on skeins, no unraveling balls flying across the living room. Just comes right out of the cake. No fuss. It is perfect for traveling too! I just bring my little tote and set it on the floor and don’t have to wrestle with it. GAME CHANGER.
I started our with this one and I really do love it! Super easy to use, very durable, and did the job perfectly. My only complaint was that it couldn’t wind a whole skein. It was great for partials but once I started crocheting from a yarn cake I couldn’t go back! So I upgraded to this one. And it has my heart forever. It is a serious beast. Made of metal with no nonsense gears, I am pretty sure this will be passed down to the next generation. Unless some apocalypse happens, I bet I use this for the rest of my life. And it can handle a whole skein of I love this Yarn from Hobby Lobby, which I feel like is a fairly standard amount.

3. My Pom Pom Makers 
These were worth every penny. I bought the Clover ones but there are some similar looking ones out there for a little cheaper that my be good. 
If you are looking to make pom poms more than once I think you already made your money back.

4. This Stuffing
I know it doesn’t seem THAT important. If it is fluff, it stuffs, right? Well, yes and no. I don’t have anything against using the basic polyfil out there but this stuff seriously is sooooo much better over time. One of the biggest problems I see with crochet projects that need stuffing is- not enough. But if you over-stuff it looks not good. Not good at all. (Think me in tight dress without spanx. Or don’t. Ha.) This is made of little balls and it feels like you are stuffing forever (but that is just part of it.) but those little balls of fluff pack together so much neater. And when you pack well it lasts longer. And looks better. I have found this at Hobby Lobby and Amazon but I am sure it is available in more places too.

5. My Yarn Cutter Pendant
I really like wearing this when I am out in the living room or traveling. It is just so handy, especially when I am around my two year old and rather he not grab my scissors. I also love it when I am making small things like hair ringlets for a doll, or small granny squares. Just a quick pull and the yarn is cut!

6. My Bent Tip Needles
I can’t really explain why I love these so much. But they help a ton when sewing amigurumi together. And when I sewed my fox squares together it worked like a dream! I think that bent tip makes it easier to get into tight spaces. Verrrrrry handy. Also, it comes in this very, very handy container which I value almost as much as the needle 🙂 I have both sizes and use them both for different projects.

Now there are a lot of other things I buy. (Let us not forget about the most important and essential YARN.) But this is my absolute favorite crochet stuff. Not just stuff I like and keep around. This is the stuff that if I lose or it breaks for some reason I will hurry to replace. My essentials. My tried and true and will recommend it to anyone anywhere for any reason stuff.

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