The Beginner’s Friendly Guide to Amigurumi

If you have been wanting to up your game (or get into the game!) of amigurumi, but didn’t know where to start, what you would need, or what pattern to use, I get it! The internet provides SOO much information… but that can be overwhelming, and a lot of it assumes you know more than you do.

Then when you do get started you end up wasting time looking up words, trying to find things in the store, or wondering how the heck to put all these pieces together! By then you are frustrated with the project so you toss it in the WIP pile and move on. Believe me, you can totally do this!! You just need a guide! 

I remember my first project… there were a lot of YouTube searches and a really awkward craft store trip. I was trying to figure out what “those eyes that were like buttons but not really” were called… and not doing a very good job explaining myself. But that was five years ago, and since then I have experimented, researched, and eventually wrote over 50 amigurumi patterns with 10,000 pattern sales and almost 500 five star reviews.

This ebook was written for someone with a basic understanding of crochet but is an amigurumi beginner! It includes almost 40 pages of tips and picture tutorials and specially designed patterns so that you learn almost every technique that I think you need to have a SOLID foundation in the techniques of amigurumi. After this ebook, I honestly think you can figure out any pattern you want! 

As you work through my tips and tricks, you will be able to:

  • Pick the right tools and materials
  • Learn the specific terms and techniques you need
  • Get tips on how to sew on pieces and attach limbs
  • Figure out the best way to stuff so you don’t get “bunchy” toys
  • Understand how patterns are written and how to read them
  • And much, much more! 

You will also receive 7 patterns that are suitable for beginners and were specifically designed to build on the major skills you need to get started in amigurumi! I took great care in choosing what I think you needed, as well as providing the perfect patterns so you can make amigurumi you are proud of.

Avoid the constant researching, trial and error, and the botched attempts that I went through. After going through this book you can avoid that awkward, unsure phase and become a confident amigurumi artist! Then you can give beautiful handmade toys as gifts, sell finished items at craft fairs, and develop the pride and joy that comes from learning something new! 

The patterns included are:

  • Ice Cream Cone Keychain
  • Puppy and Bunny Backpack Buddies
  • Octopus
  • Narwhal
  • Teddy Bear in Sweater
  • Puppy Dog
  • Flamingo


The Beginner's Friendly Guide to Amigurumi Learn everything you need to know to create amigurumi you are proud of!

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