Crochet for Boys

In the past I had a hard time finding crochet things for my boys that I actually wanted to make. Crochet projects for boys seemed a little outdated or not something that they would be interested in. So I created some of my own patterns for things that they were into at the time.
Right now my boys love anything I make (dolls included) but there are certain things that I make that they love and play with the most! If you are trying to think of something to make for the boys in your life check out my little guys favorite patterns! These are also great for girls (especially the first one!) but I only have boys so my research is limited to them! HA!
Don’t think that these are meant only for boys!! Notice the fun Super Hero Gal… I know girls love dinosaurs, super heros, etc. I know I did!! This is just a helpful guide for those looking for a crochet project geared towards boys!

My boys love playing with these. They are crashing into buildings made of blocks, saving burning cars, and, usually, fighting each other. My son chose the colors and I made them with their hair color (blonde and brown) and they love having a look a like super hero.

I think it is required that everybody goes through a dinosaur fascination phase. My boys definitely did! They like this little dinosaur. He was named “Spiney because he has spines.” You are not wrong buddy.

Little penguins lovers will love this hat! Great for gifts and was one of my best sellers at craft fairs.
This was actually one of the first things I made for me! But a lot of readers have made smaller ones for babies and medium size ones for younger kids. 
This is one of the most popular patterns for a reason! Super cute and a great pattern for beginners. If people want to learn amigurumi, I always point them to this pattern! Also, add a baby rattle inside and its a very fun baby toy! Little hands love playing with those tentacles.
This little guy is just as cute but much more mini! If you are in need of a quick gift, this is perfect.

This little guy is a larger amigurumi. Perfect for holding and hugging. Great for play! This was a crochet a long pattern, but still remains on the blog!

I feel like this little giraffe is a classic. A great gift for baby showers, birthdays, Christmas… anytime really!

And the mini version because I can’t help it!

I often call my boys little monkeys. They crawl over everything, and climb everything… They also like bananas. This little hat can keep your little monkeys warm in the cooler months!
This one has a special place in my heart. This little lamb is my youngest’s favorite. He cuddles him and carries him around by an arm or a leg.

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