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Cartoon Embroidered Eyes

This video demonstrates how I embroidered cartoon eyes on my bunny snuggler pattern. To see the other video tutorials for embroidered eyes you can see them all here.

You will need to start with the basic embroidered eyes video tutorial. Then you can add more to the face with this tutorial.

Scroll on for written instructions.

  1. Using the white yarn, come up from the side and out at the top of the eye.
  2. Go through the black about one fourth the way down. Then come out at the bottom of the eye. This creates the reflection spot.
  3. Bring the yarn around the outside of the eye. Put your needle through the top and then out through the side, in the same hole you used at the beggining. As you are pulling it through, hold the white yarn gently on the outside of the black so that you are hapy with the position.
  4. Using black yarn, come through the side and then back out from the top of the eye, just a little bit on the inside. Then come down about halfway the length of the eye and just a little to the outside. Push your needle out through the same hole you used. Fasten off.

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