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Embroidering Baby Safe Eyes on Snuggler Patterns

This video shows how I do the basic embroidered eye. You can see other versions and video tutorials here. They all start with this technique, so this is the main video to watch!

*If you cannot see the video, it may be that you are using an ad-blocker that does not allow the video player to show. Turning that off, or using a different browser may help.*

There are just a few things to remember when embroidering the eyes on your crochet snuggler!

  • Pick a non-shedding bulky yarn. I use Bernat Blanket yarn in this video, but I also really love Premier Basix Chenille. That is the yarn I used for the body in the video!
  • I prefer to attach everything after it is finished and stuffed when using bulky yarn. This yarn tends to stretch more, I think. That makes anything you attach or embroider look wonky, because that will also stretch and move. So I embroider the eyes on once it is completed.
  • Use the nose/ears/horns, etc. on whatever you are making to help you line up the eyes symmetrically.
  • You can see that I broke the yarn in this video- I share how I weave in something that is too short for the needle I am using. A helpful trick if you break it like I did here, or if the long part you used to sew was not quite long enough!

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