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Natural Dimension Embroidered Eyes

This is a video where I show a more natural look that still adds some extra dimension to the face. You will need to start with the basic embroidered eyes video tutorial. Then you can add more to the face with this tutorial.

*If you cannot see the video, it may be that you are using an ad-blocker that does not allow the video player to show. Turning that off, or using a different browser may help.*

Scroll on for written instructions!

  1. Using the white yarn, come up from the side and out about two thirds up from the bottom of the eye.
  2. Go through the bottom of the eye. Then back out on the other side, about the same height as your first pass through.
  3. Repeat if you need to, depending on how much of the white you are wanting to see.
  4. Using black yarn, come through the side and then back out from the top of the eye, just a little bit on the inside. Then come down out just a little to the outside. Push your needle out through the same hole you used. Fasten off.

You can find the video on how to tie off the ends with the other embroidery videos here.

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