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Weave in Embroidery Ends on Finished Pieces

This video will show you how to fasten off and weave in the ends on your embroidery on a finished piece. The pattern below is the Highland Cow Snuggler.

For more embroidered eye video tutorials, you can see them all here.

*If you cannot see the video, it may be that you are using an ad-blocker that does not allow the video player to show. Turning that off, or using a different browser may help.*

  1. When you are done with a piece of yarn, use your needle to guide the end out through the same hole you used to come in through the side.
  2. Tie a knot.
  3. Use you needle to weave both of your ends back down through the same hole. Holding the yarn tight, snip off the ends. Your knot should be on the inside.

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