Free Crochet Katniss Cowl Pattern


EDIT: I HIGHLY recommend you read the FAQ page HERE before you begin this project! Please look at it if you are having any questions… chances are they are answered there!

If you love the look but not the bulk, check out my Ribs and Ridges Scarf. Same pattern, worsted weight yarn!


Check out the video if you are more of a visual learner!

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When I first watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire and I saw Katniss’s knitted cowl my DIY mind immediately began making a pattern for it. I never attempted it, mostly because I did not feel like I would ever really NEED a one armed vest thing. It just did not seem very practical. (Does her other arm get cold? Is it an archery thing? I just don’t know…)
Then not too long ago, my volleyball coach from the good old days sent me a pin to this scarf and asked if I could whip up something similar. I loved that it is just a giant infinity scarf rather than a one armed t-shirt thing. This means you can wear it multiple ways, but still achieve that “awesome” look sported by the Hunger Games victor. However, that particular pattern was knitted and my knitting skills are sadly lackluster. But I spent some time and developed my own crochet pattern.
This is seriously a mega scarf, measuring just over 60 inches long and 13.5 inches high (this seems to be the magic length for the perfect “wrap”), and made from almost 600 yards of yarn. If you are worried about the length for yourself, measure it by wrapping around yourself after the first row of post stitches because that is essentially the finished length.
This is a beautiful piece with a lot of detail, and can be worn 3 ways!

The Original Katniss Over the Shoulder Look
The Wonder Woman Shawl
The Scoodie (Scarf+Hoodie)

This is an intermediate pattern, but a beginner could figure it out with some determination.
You will need to know how to front and back post double crochet, front post single crochet and the double crochet. If you don’t know these stitches, there are a lot of great youtube videos to help. (And do not be scared to try them– they are the same basic stitches, just put in a different spot!)

If you want to try out these stitches on an easier (read “smaller”) project try out my Free Katelyn Ear Warmer Pattern.

This scarf is also crocheted in the round to prevent some uneven sewing. The pattern is ridged and so can be hard to make the attached line look very neat. I found it was better to attach in the round. It may still be a little “gappy.” I suggest leaving a long end and sewing the gaps together just a little bit. There is nothing wrong with a little sewing manipulation! And because of the many ways to wrap and wear this, it is easy to hide that section.

Again, please read the FAQ page before you begin!
Ready? Here is what you will need to get started.
Size M Hook (9.0)
**I used to recommend a P hook but the majority do better with an M**
Large sewing needle for sewing in ends
600 yards of size 6 bulky yarnΒ  (I used Bernat Collegiate Chunky in Grey)

EDIT: I have had many people end up with scarves that are TOO big when using an extra bulky yarn. I would stay away from thick, wooly yarns like Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. Some size 5 yarns would work, and some size 6 yarns will not. I stay by my recommendation of the Bernat yarn. Also, be sure to try on your scarf after a few rows. Because we are not all the same shape and size, you may need to adjust. And if you need to start over, well better after 2 or 3 rows than after the whole thing. The nice thing with this scarf is that you do not need to have a certain number of chains- you can customize it to your own size!

Row 1: Chain until you reach 65 inches (I am sorry– I could not force myself to make an actual count.) You will want to crochet over the end length of 61 inches because the post stitches pull it together. Connect to form a giant ring.
Row 2: Chain 2, DC across, Join.
Row 3: Chain 2, DC in first stitch, FPDC alternating with BPDC until you reach the last stitch. DC in last St, Join. Chain 2.
Row 4: This next row will depend on the number of stitches you made… But essentially you will FPDC or BPDC on the post crochets you already made. Line up the FPDC with a FPDC and a BPDC with a BPDC (to achieve that nice ridged look!) until you reach the end.Join.
Row 5: Repeat row 4.
Row 6: Chain one, FPSC in every stitch across. Do not alternate like the PDC. This will give you that straight line. Join to the first FPSC when you reach that point.
THEN slip stitch to the DC made in row 5. The FPSC sit in front of those stitches making that pretty line. But you will want to crochet over the DC BEHIND the line made in Row 6. The slip stitch back just helps for a smoother transition.

Row 7: Chain 2, DC in each stitch across, slip stitch. (Remember this row is not done in the FPSC you did in the last row but the DC from Row 5)
Row 8: Chain one, FPSC across. Follow the same technique as in row 6.
Row 9: Chain 2, DC across, slip stitch.
Row 10: Chain one, FPSC across. Follow the same technique as in row 6.
Repeat Rows 2-10 twice more.
Then Repeat Rows 2-5.
Finish off and weave in ends (remember to leave that long tail to weave in between the few gaps of your seam!)

I would love to see any of your finished scarves! Post them to my Facebook page and show them off! And if you would like to see some of my inspiration follow me on Pinterest! Do you prefer Instagram? (So do I!)

I do not have a problem with individuals making and
selling items using this pattern. I do have a problem if you take my
photos and the credit:) No big deal, just use your own pictures and link
back to this page if you are selling online! Thanks so much!

Have any questions?? Please read the FAQ page HERE!

This pattern is influenced by an original copyrighted pattern by Bo Peep’s Bonnets. You can find the original pattern at https://www.etsy.com/listing/170787987/instant-download-knitting-pattern-the?ref=shop_home_active_4 You can also purchase the original product here –https://www.etsy.com/listing/169791485/huntress-cowl-hand-knit-cowl-infinity .

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  1. Michelle, sorry that was confusing! But the magic 61 inches is what I think the perfect length is for the scarf. So just chain to 65 inches because the post stitches shrink it back to 61. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. Hi!
    I LOVE this, and would like to know when you chose your length, did you measure anything on your body? I would like to make sure that the over the shoulder way would fit me.

  3. Christina I am so glad that you like it! The way I did it may seem silly… but I just chained to the length I thought would work and wrapped that around me, and then adjusted. If you measure that way, keep in mind that the height will need a certain amount just to "twist" (it is pretty hefty!) Also, if you have to choose between snug or loose go with snug. If it is too long it does not wrap as well, unless you are going for the "Katniss Hunchback Look." Hope this helps!

  4. Congrats on starting your blog – I arrived here via pinterest. I love this pattern and am going to get me some more chunky yarn so I can make a start on it – it really is a lovely pattern.

  5. Melissa,
    Sorry that was confusing! Yes, always chain 2 before starting the DC. And for sure line up the FPDC and BPDC! That is what gives it the nice ridged look. Sorry again for the confusion! Good luck with the rest of it!

  6. I would leave some slack. The finished scarf is tall (if that makes sense) and also it will shrink down because of the post stitches. What seemed to work for me was to measure again once I got through the first row of post stitches. That takes a while (and is a huge pain if you have to undo it!!) but that will be the finished length. But I feel pretty confident that the 65 inches will fit most people.

  7. This is beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, I am definitely going to have to attempt making this. I think I made about 25 scarves last year, mostly for presents but I kept quite a few. I coudn't find a crochet pattern that was quite right for this Katniss scarf and I love yours! As a fairly new blogger myself, I'm so glad I found you! After I make this, I'll have to show you how it turns out!

  8. Kali, do you by any chance have a video tutorial on this pattern? I'm a beginner and a visual learner. Still not able to read patterns much. However, I really want to try and make this. Thank you

  9. I'm beginning this as we speak…it's beautiful! I sell finished items on etsy and donate proceeds to a girls Orphanage in India. Can we sell the finished product provided the pattern is credited to you?

  10. Hi there. I am just finishing up row 6. I have two rows (wide) now, is this forrect? If so when moving onto row 7, what stitch should i be working in, back or front of the two rows?

  11. I love this pattern and am going to buy the yarn and make it for my 18 year old granddaughter who loves the Catching Fire books and movies. thank you!

  12. This is beautiful and was really fun to make. Just one thing: how the heck did you wrap it around to get the one shoulder look? I just keep choking myself…I know I'm missing something, it should be simple, but it's SO tall every time I wrap it around to go over my head the second time I end up with a huge twist that tightens the whole thing.

  13. I am currently working on this piece and I love the way it is turning out, but I am very confused by the instructions at the end of row 6 where it says THEN slip stitch to the back stitch. If you crochet on top of the line you just made, there will be no line. You must crochet in the back part !
    Can you please help me with that? I am almost to that part and I don't want to have to put this down !!!
    Thank you in advance and thank you for such a wonderful piece !!!

  14. When you do the post stitches they will stick out a bit. If you continue to go over those new stitches there wont be a line, the scarf will just come forward a little bit! So slip stitch to connect like you normally would and then slip stitch BACK to the row of DC. I am hoping to update with a picture soon!

  15. I wont lie to you Lisa… it takes some practice! But it does seem to help if you put it over your shoulder, and pull it right under your armpit. Then twist it way up before you loop it over your head! It also helped me to do it in front of the mirror a few times! Make sure the back isn't caught on something too… sometimes it gets tangled. Hope this helps!

  16. Absolutely! I altered the pattern a little but it's so close that I will certainly link. It's beautiful, thank you for sharing your expertise! Struggling to not keep this one for myself. πŸ™‚

  17. Thank you so much for your reply Kali =) I did get it figured out..it just took me looking at it. My grandmother taught me to crochet over 25 years ago, but it didn't stick with me very long. I just started again about 6 mobths ago, so this was my first time doing FPDC and BPDC, so it took me finishing row 6 and seeing the double row of stitches to get it. As soon as I can get my model to stand still for 2 seconds, I will send you a pic of mine.
    Thank you for such a wonderful pattern !!!

  18. Thank you so much for this pattern! I have been obsessed with the " Katniss-cowl " look ever since I saw it. I'm in the process of making this right now and I have a question: where it says "row 4-5 " does it mean to go around the work once, or should there be a total of two rounds? The numbers suggest twice but the instructions seemed to be for one round. Thanks for the clarification!

  19. "Row 2: Chain 2, DC across, attach with a slip stitch." Sorry I haven't read a pattern in quite some time, or crocheted for that matter. I am a little confused on what the across part means. I am sorry if this is super simple. But thank you in advance!!

  20. I am loving your pattern – so fun and easy, but…I am about halfway through and just now realized that it is twisting like an infinity scarf! Is that supposed to happen or did I do something wrong? Doh!

  21. I normally have very tight tension and I used a little over 2 of the large (430 sone yards) of yarn for mine. I cut out a couple rows of FPDC and BPDC…one on accident and one to match, or I would have used a lot more yarn !!!

  22. So, you said you cut out a row of fpdc and bpdc. Does the pattern call for two or three rows total of alternating back and forth? I was getting a little confused by that and wanted to make sure I was doing it correct.

  23. Oh boy, I'm just getting here too and got tripped up on this. So is row 7 a round of regular DCs into the row 5 DCs (behind the row 6 FPSCs), or basically BPDCs around the row 6 FPSCs?
    Thank you for any clarity you can provide and thank you for sharing this amazing pattern!

  24. Just finished making this and it took 11 skeins of Lionbrand Hometown USA in Houston Cream 6 super bulky with an N hook. It's hefty and so incredibly soft. I am busty and a bigger woman so I can to essentially double the inches of your suggestion. I did the first row of post stitches and remeasured. It turned out so beautifully. Can't wait to wear it! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern.

  25. Hi there! In case you haven't figured it out yet: "DC across" means that you crochet in every stitch of that round.

  26. Hey Anon, for row 6 you are front post single crocheting on every post around. Make sure to slip stitch twice at the end, once into your chain one from the beginning of this row, and again into the loop behind it, slightly to the left. Make sure for row 7 you double crochet across every loop that is behind the single crochet you just did, making a nice line.

  27. Thanks for posing this!! I am using the same yarn and the store only had 5 skiens. I will have to make sure that I go back and search for more now that I know it takes 11!! Thanks!

  28. Apparently I'm not the only one stuck on row 6 and the previous explanations are leaving still confused. I've done the FPSC that I understand but the slip stitch stuff is confusing. Any clarity would be appreciated greatly!

  29. Slip Stitch to the first FPSC(does this mean slip stitch all the way around the FPSCs I just completed or just one single slip stitch?). THEN slip stitch to the back stitch(what is the back stitch? Is it the top of row 5 which appears to be behind row 6 or is there some unspoken crochet thing I don't know?). If you crochet on top of the line you just made, there will be no line. You must crochet in the back part!

  30. I updated the pattern with some pictures and a little more detail. The slip stitch is just to join and then to crochet in the DC you made in row 5! I am new to this so I am sorry for the confusion! Hopefully that makes more sense for you!

  31. Perfect thank you πŸ™‚ I am still relearning all this πŸ™‚ I'm sure it was fine for more experienced people but I'm not so much that LOL again Ty!

  32. Dear Kali,
    thanks so much for sharing the pattern for this wonderful cowl! I'm new to crocheting and somehow did manage to pull one off (funny enough, I did have no trouble to understand the working of row 6). But I really struggled with row 4 (and 5) and it would be so kind, if you could clarify: So, in row 3 we DC in the first and then the last stitch. In row 4 we chain 2 and then line up the FPDCs and BPDCs with the PDCs from row 3, without DC in the first and last stitch?

    I didn't know what to do with these DCs from row 3, so I worked/incorporated them into the alternating of FPDCs and BPDCs. My pattern then looked like this:
    Row 3: Chain 2, DC in first st, FPDC in second st, BPDC in third, (….) , BPDC, DC in last st, join.
    Row 4: Chain 2, BPC in first stitch (which was the DC in row 3), FPDC in second st (for lining up with row 3), (…) BPDC, FPDC in last st (which also was a DC in row 3), join.
    Was this the right way to work it? I'm still so confused about it, but would like to make another one for my mom…

    Oh, and a final question: Is there a special reason for chaining only 2 before each row of DC, as DC "normally" calls for chaining 3?

    Thanks again and lovely greetings from Berlin, Christin

  33. I think that the way you did it was perfect! You could probably do away with the DC at the end but I just think it helps to connect. And if I felt that getting to the end would be a little wonky with the order of the PDCs then I added one. And I always use 2 chains, but that is just a personal preference. The fun thing with crocheting is that you can have your own little quirks and it (usually) turns out! So glad you enjoyed the pattern!

  34. Thanks so much for your time and effort to go through all the comments to help! Your sweet reply leaves me with much more confidence now to start another one as a gift. Also, your comment about the chaining is a great help! Since I'm new to all of this, I am like "there must be a rule or special reason why I have to do it the way described". It is for sure relieving to hear, that crocheting leaves you space to find your own way. I will definitely keep your words in mind πŸ™‚
    I wish you all the best!

  35. Thank you for the pattern! You're pictures look great! I just completed mine using Lion Brand Wool – Ease Thick and Quick ( size 6, super bulky ). I ended up making mine about 6 feet long instead of 5 because I'm not quite so petite. I also took out a few rows because I think my size 6 yarn was thicker than your size 6 yarn. It's about a foot wide. I think it looks really good but I don't know how to make it work (haha). I'm not sure if it is too long, or too short, or if I'm just doing something wrong. I got the hood ok and I was able to get the shawl just once but could NOT get the Katniss cowl. I tried it on half way through and it seemed to work but it just bunches up now. Do you have any more tips on how to put it on? I hope I don't have to take it out and remake it :- / ( though it works up pretty quick with the size of the yarn and hook ).

    Thanks again!

  36. Hello, This is Ans from The Netherlands again. This is awesome. I had to try row 6 a couple of times, but if you follow exactly the pattern it will work. Thanks Ans

  37. There is an instructional video on utube, by Bo Peep's Bonnets, that demonstrates exactly how to achieve the Katniss cowl look.

  38. Thank you for this! My daughter has wanted a Katniss cowl since we saw Catching Fire, but I hesitated because it would only be 'in' for a year or two. This way I can give her the Katniss cowl, but it can go beyond the trend and she can wear it for years!

  39. Kali,

    Thanks for the beautiful pattern! I just thought I'd answer your question about the one-arm look: it is an archery thing. But unless Katniss is left-handed, I would expect her right arm to be the free one. Her left arm holds the bow, so it stays steady and does not move. Her right arm aims and shoots the arrow, so it needs to be free to move. The wrap would constrict near her elbow and make it hard to pull back the arrow. Her arm probably does get cold, but oh well! πŸ˜‰

  40. Hello!!
    Thank you so much for sharing! I am BEYOND excited to crochet this beautiful scarf!!!
    I have some what of a silly question, is there perhaps a link or maybe you can give me an idea of the abbreviation you used and what they mean? I'm not very acquainted with them! Thank you so much in advance!

  41. I looked up the yarn you used (I don't use acrylic) and it recommends an 8mm hook, yet you used an 11.5, is that right? Did you double the yarn or is the tension loose?

  42. I have tried and tried to find grey bernat collegiate in anything but striped. I gave up and got the bernat big ball chunky which is a #5 I think. I'm going to try this with a 10mm hook and just do the starting chain to length and go from there. Hopefully the drape with work out. Everything that was 6 weight (and on sale so I can afford the 600 yds) was back ordered, or completely acrylic, OR just plain yuck. I will report back on how it goes. I'm stoked! Mostly I'm cold. hahaha

  43. It's perfect. Thank you for the free pattern.
    My daughter fell in love with its style and I wasn't expecting to make her one and then we found your pattern.
    I used Bernat True Grey Chunky with the 11.5mm hook.

  44. Kali – this pattern is awesome. I did not make it exactly as you wrote it but I used a lot of your ideas for how to use FPDC and BPDC to add texture to an otherwise simple stripe pattern. Thanks so much for your innovation and for being willing to share the details for free!!!

  45. hi I am really struggling with Row 6 and understanding it. I don't quite understand where I am stitching into–row 5? Or jumping from row 5 back to the top? and what stitch am I doing? FPSC? THANKS I am doing it right now so I hate to put it down!

  46. Hi, love your pattern however I am confused on how and where to put the arm hole… am I missing something?

  47. Thank you so much for this pattern, I made one in stonewashed scheepjeswol and shared it with you on Instagram,
    Greets Sofie, from Belgium

  48. ok, maybe this is a stupid questions but – is it 60 inches AFTER joining? 120 inches if it's just a straight line? I chained until 60 inches then joined and it's awfully small πŸ™

  49. Hi, I finished the pattern, however I feel it should be taller (for the hooded version pic) is it 16 rows tall total? I am beginning to add additional rows to ensure it completely covers my head :/

  50. Hi I am also just beginning this and I was wondering if in Row 2, did you start the DC in the fourth stitch like a standard DC?

  51. How did this end up? when first looking at the pattern I read bulky so immediately bought a 5 weight. Was still hoping to try it out with what I have

  52. Hi Kali.. I just finished the Katniss Cowl,, I followed all directions (they were very easy to read,, thank you);; however,, it was too something (wide,, thick,, idk).. I couldn't get it to wrap at all.. how many rows did u end up with?? It is beautiful & I am going to attempt it again.. maybe I need to add length (mine ended up being 63in round)?? Your help would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

  53. Hi Kali…. I was very excited to complete this project…. however I am having a hard time getting it to wrap around =( I'm practically choking myself LOL! Is it possible to get a pic of the way the wrap looks from behind?

  54. Great pattern. I just finished making it and it turned out beautifully, I may have picked too heavy of a yarn "Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick".
    Do you have any pictures from the back – I would love to see them.

  55. Would it be possible to also have the pattern to knit instead of crochet? My crocheting abilities are sadly lacking but I can knit up a storm and absolutely LOVE the Katniss shall.

  56. Thanks for this pattern. I bought the polyester Bernat chenille yarn for this project. Do you think will work or should I stck to the normal yarn?

  57. FYI. This pattern requires a lot more than 600 yards. It is much closer to1000. I am about one third through the pattern and I have used almost 360 yards. The pattern is very pretty so far though !

  58. I made this, and it's beautiful, but I found that 65 inches is not long enough for comfortable twisting as shown. I may crochet more tightly, but I would definitely make it at least 10 inches longer. Thank you for a lovely pattern!

  59. I've never crocheted before so I don't have a lot of confidence in my row three. It looks weird and bulky right now and sometimes I wonder if I've put too yarn in one post..

  60. I am working on this project right now. I have done the first 3 rows and there is a twist in it.what did I do wrong?

  61. Hi!

    I have made it to row 6, and have completed an entire round in FPSC. However, now that I have completed that, I am unsure as to how to proceed. I am thinking that the images beneath pertain to that explanation, but I am unsure as to how to complete that next round of row 6. I am fairly new to this, but this row really baffles me. It sounds like you are doing a second round of row 6. Is this correct? Sorry if my message is rather convoluted!!

  62. I finished mine yesterday using the Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and it was way way way too bulky. I'm 5'7'" and a size 12 so not petite by any stretch of the imagination but this swallowed me up. I removed a few rows so I had only two rows of ribbing in the center instead of 3 but it was still unwearable. I love the pattern so much and I really want to attempt it again. Are there 6 weight yarns that are less bulky? Has anyone used a 5 weight with good results? I was really looking forward to wearing this today πŸ™

  63. Thanks Kali, I'll definitely give it another shot. I love the pattern so much (even in it's massive state!)

  64. hi i cant find anywhere the yarn you recommend. can you give me name of any other yarn which will go great with your pattern? would this one work BERNAT-Softee Chunky Yarn?

  65. Just one question. How would I tell someone to measure themselves if they want me to make it for them and they are not where I can physically measure them with the chain?

  66. What a terrific pattern! I love the Hunger Games movies and I love all the sweaters she wears in them. Because I don't know how to knit, I wish the movie would feature crochet versions, but oh well.
    Your Katniss Cowl looks fantastic! Thank you very much for posting and Sharing your pattern. πŸ™‚
    Lee Ann. http://crochetgottaloveit.blogspot.com

  67. Hi I love this pattern and I just got done making one of my own and was wondering how you wear it I can't seem to wear it like u did in those three pics and was hopen if u could help me understand how thank you.

  68. I can't even get to row 6, I'm stuck on row 2!! What does 'DC across' mean? Does it just mean do a row of double crochet in the chain just made? Thanks

  69. They could measure with a piece of yarn wrapped loosely around themselves twice and then measure it and tell you the length – then maybe add 5 inches just in case.

  70. How do you wrap it around your body without it bunching at the back? I can't seem to make it look nice. Am I missing something?! LOL Thanks. Love the pattern πŸ™‚

  71. glad i'm not the only one who had it twisting…i took it apart and and apart and apart and couldn't get it right – ugh…although even with the twist its still beautiful

  72. Hello there!! This is a great pattern and i loved it when i saw it.
    I started it over the weekend and after failed attempts of including the slip stitch row after a regular row, i've decided to add the slip stitch rows at the end. πŸ™‚

  73. I just finished this beautiful scarf using Lion Brand (5 oz.,acrylic) Hometown USA in color Chicago Charcoal. The yarn package recommended a size N / 9mm hook, so I experimented with the first few rows using both N and P, as Kali recommended. I thought the N made it too stiff, and would require a lot more stitching, so I did the cowl using P. Apparently my yarn was bulkier than Kali's, because I skipped the second repeat of rows 2-10, and my completed project was still 13" wide. In addition, my original 65" did not tighten into 61", as did Kali's. Maybe that was the yarn, or maybe my crocheting. The result is beautiful, but still a little stiffer than I would like for wrapping. I would consider making this again, but using a less bulky yarn.

  74. There is no row of slip stitches. You just slip stitch once at the end of a row to attach it to the beginning stitch of that same row, thus making a circle.

  75. I knew people were having trouble with this row, so went I got to the end of row 5 I stopped and studied the comments. Looking at row 5, I saw that for row 6 I needed to FPSC into the posts of row 5, while for row 7 I needed to DC into the top chains of row 5.

  76. Thank you so much for the great pattern Kahi! It used up almost 700 yards of yarn, but I prepared for that. It is so thick and such a great look with the stripes!

  77. a US size P is 11.5 mm, but when i tried that it was too lacey for me and i switched to an N/10 mm. when i went to select the hook size on ravelry the hook options included P/N 10 mm. this is my long way of saying 10 mm worked for me. πŸ™‚

  78. once finished i would have to look really hard to figure out which had been the top and the bottom. πŸ™‚

  79. thank you so much for the pattern! just finished mine with the lion brand scarfie yarn (tan + charcoal colorway) and a 10 mm hook. your pattern was my favorite of all the ones i saw on ravelry πŸ™‚

  80. Same here!! I just finished and I realize too late that Kali's instructions are incorrect in the inches of chain. She says the finished product is 60 inches long. My finished one is 30 inches long because I chained 65in then joined in the beginning, exactly as the pattern says.–thus causing it to be 30 in long. Also, I think Kali should have just said repeat rows 2-5 once, not twice because its way wider than 13.5 inches. I am very disappointed. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift.

  81. Same here!! I just finished and I realize too late that Kali's instructions are incorrect in the inches of chain. She says the finished product is 60 inches long. My finished one is 30 inches long because I chained 65in then joined in the beginning, exactly as the pattern says.–thus causing it to be 30 in long. Also, I think Kali should have just said repeat rows 2-5 once, not twice because its way wider than 13.5 inches. I am very disappointed. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift.

  82. I believe Kali's instructions are wrong in the inches to chain. It needs to be doubled to 125 inches because the finished product needs to be 60 in. I discovered this too late when I just finished.

  83. Kali–great design BUT I just finished and I realize too late that your instructions must be incorrect in the inches of the beginning chain. We need to chain 125, not 65. You say the finished product is 60 inches long. My finished one is 30 inches long because I chained 65in then joined in the beginning, exactly as the pattern says.–thus causing it to be 30 in long (not 60). Also, I think you should have just said to repeat rows 2-10 once, not twice because it ended up way wider than 13.5 inches. I am very disappointed. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift.

  84. Mine ended up twisty, I'm not sure how this happened….. Any ideas? In new to crocheting, the FPDC also didn't show up well. Other than my mistakes, I love how this turned out!

  85. I am also wanting to do this with a medium/4 yarn rather than a chunky yarn and wondering if anyone has tried it or thinks it will work. If so what size hook do you think a person should work with, recommended hook size is 5mm I stitch a little tight so I was thinking maybe 6. Thanks

  86. Yes Amy, I hear ya….this is exactly the problem I'm having. Your comment says that you chained 125 so it was 65" long. I chained 120 to make it 65" long. So when I made the chain into a round..it only measured 36" long…not 65…so it won't be long enough to wear the Katniss way which is the way my niece wants to wear it. Don't get me wrong, what I really liked about this pattern was that she'd be able to wear it three different ways, and I also love the pattern. Thank goodness I only did four rows before I realized that it wouldn't be long enough to wear the Katniss way. I will tear it out to start over and will double my beginning chain.

  87. Kali–do you chain to 65" FIRST, before attaching in a loop, or make it 65" long AFTER attaching to make loop? If the latter is true, then shouldn't we chain about 120" first, then attach? I have made this thing twice. I did it the first way first, and it was too small–it wouldn't twist to go over a head–it was 30" tall because I chained 65" like the pattern said. The second time I made it (just finished), I chained about 120" before attaching. The finished scarf is 65-70" tall–too big/long. I am discouraged.

  88. Kali–do you chain to 65" FIRST, before attaching in a loop, or make it 65" long AFTER attaching to make loop? If the latter is true, then shouldn't we chain about 120" first, then attach? I have made this thing twice. I did it the first way first, and it was too small–it wouldn't twist to go over a head–it was 30" tall because I chained 65" like the pattern said. The second time I made it (just finished), I chained about 120" before attaching. The finished scarf is 65-70" tall–too big/long. I am discouraged.

  89. Amy,
    The measurements are a little subjective… Like I said, it should be around 120 stitches but that was my quick estimate. Mine measured about 65 inches before I attached it, but should still measure that as you go around… just in the round. But the pattern will work no matter how long! So you can just go as long as you think it needs to be and then follow the rest of the directions! Hope this helps!

  90. So I think I followed your pattern to a T but my cowl is ENORMOUS. I'm not really sure what went wrong…I don't think my yarn was too chunky. Maybe it's not actually too big and I just don't know how to put it on? Yours appears to sit very snugly around your body and mine kind of looks like a toga. Do you have any tips for how to wrap it around, or could you maybe give some additional measurements? (Such as the width?) This design is gorgeous but right now I'm not sure I can wear it. πŸ™

  91. Hi. Thank you for the pattern. I'm wondering, am I suppose to DC the first and last stitch on every row after row 3? Or is that just for row 3?

  92. i keept reasing the patterrn its easy use your insticts i am full figured so i measure 60 inches plus some more chains wrap around my body, bo peeps video helps. keep practicing instructions was confusing at first. i keept looking at the picture over and over to see what i missed, i suggest usind lion brand wool ease chunky or bernat chunky its soft and it stretches. it does not look bulky used 6 skein 153 yards. look at yds on back of yarn save money.

  93. Hi!
    So I was reading about copyright on another blog and I wanted to make sure you were given credit for some Fingerless Mitts I made to go with you Katniss Cowl since they use your pattern of stitches!

    They're posted on my blog here: http://hannelorelyn.blogspot.com/2016/02/katniss-fingerless-gloves.html

    Thanks so much for posting this pattern! My first attempt came out a bit big so I gave it to a friend and I'm in the process of finishing a second that I hope is more my size πŸ™‚

  94. Hi!
    So I was reading about copyright on another blog and I wanted to make sure you were given credit for some Fingerless Mitts I made to go with you Katniss Cowl since they use your pattern of stitches!

    They're posted on my blog here: http://hannelorelyn.blogspot.com/2016/02/katniss-fingerless-gloves.html

    Thanks so much for posting this pattern! My first attempt came out a bit big so I gave it to a friend and I'm in the process of finishing a second that I hope is more my size πŸ™‚

  95. Hi,
    I just finished crocheting this beautiful pattern but for the life of me I can't seem to get it to look the same on me as in your picture.
    How does it look at the back?

  96. Oh Kali, Kali, Kali . . . πŸ˜€ I am an experienced crocheter and I understand your directions completely. I have no problem with jumping from one row over to another. Having said that, I am discouraged. I started with the Lionbrand Hometown yarn, a #6 yarn. It was way to bulky and very similar to the Lionbrand Woolease Thick & Quick, which you said was too big–and you were right. Fortunately, I only went through one skein and returned the rest.

    Then I moved on to Serenity Chunky yarn, a #5 yarn. It's still quite bulky but not as much as the Lionbrand Hometown yarn is. I'm part of the way through row seven using a "P" hook (11.5 mm) as you recommended, and I've used up almost two skeins of yarn so far. AND IT'S STILL HUGE!! I mean H U G E!!! This is one FAT scarf, and it's going to make me look like I weight 500 pounds! πŸ˜€

    I'm wondering if I should go down to a #4 yarn? I've read every comment on this post to get a clue as to different yarns, and many people complained about the sheer enormity of the scarf, but there weren't any good recommendations for alternative yarns. In your instructions you say to use Bernat Collegiate Chunky, which is not sold near me, but in the comments you said more than once that you used a Caron yarn and not a Bernat yarn, but you didn't say which Caron yarn you used.

    So which yarn did you use? Do you think a #4 yarn would work for this scarf? I have several skeins of a nice #4 yarn, which recommends an "H" hook. Do you think if I used this yarn and went up to a "K" hook that I might get something nice out of this pattern?

    I do appreciate that you took the time to post this pattern and that the pattern is free. That's really great! So I don't want to sound like I'm griping, but I'm just a little frustrated at having to return the unused skeins of yarn once again as well as wasting money on the used skeins. Your input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! ~ Melanie

  97. Melanie,
    I am so sorry you are frustrated! I don't blame you one bit. I have a few recommendations for you… First try a smaller hook. I have had a lot of people say they like an m hook (9.0). Look for Bernat softee chunky yarn. The collegiate was a promotional yarn one year and I haven't seen it since but it is essentially the same thing, just in the smaller skeins. You could also try to use two strands of #4! The size won't be like in the picture. But it may be able to work for you!
    Hope this helps!

  98. Thank you, Kali. That does help. The Serenity yarn actually recommends an "L" hook, but I used a "P" per your instructions. I may try it with an "M" hook. In the meantime–just to let you know and to let others who may come here know as well–I tried the #4 yarn with a "K" hook. It took 234 chains just to get 65" and I am a VERY loose crocheter! I should have done just a small swatch, but nooooo. I did the full big loop and then did a row of double crochet all around. I then went to TRIPLE crochet for the next round in a 3-FPTC / 3-BPTC pattern. I did three of each–front and back posts tc–and then just picked up the yarn as an experiment and started the same pattern on top of the already-done stitches as if I had finished the entire round as was starting again. I am sad to report that the pattern is simply not very noticeable with a thinner yarn, even with the triple crochet instead of double crochet. So I won't be using a #4 yarn, and I don't care for crocheting with two strands.

    So…..that is where I am, lol. I could go down to the "M" hook on the Serenity yarn as I said above, but there would necessarily be more stitches than with the "P" hook, and I could tell even with the "P" hook that I was going to need a lot more than the 600 yards I had bought. I don't know if they'll still have the same dye lot available at the store.

    Oh well. Back to the drawing board. I do VERY MUCH appreciate your response, Kali! Thank you! ~ Melanie

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