Amigurumi Octopus Baby Toy Free Pattern

This amigurumi octopus was inspired by my son because I thought he needed a baby toy. My baby boy is growing so fast and grabbing onto EVERYTHING! Like pulling the top of my shirt down more than I would prefer (soooo awkward). So I was thinking it was about time to introduce him to some toys. That is when I came up with the idea for an amigurumi octopus! All those tentacles would be fun for little fingers. Then I added a rattle to make it fun to wave around. And with the eyes and smile, I think it is adorable so that is fun for me! My three year old actually has played with it more than my 3 month old… he seems to think it is a type of throwing star.

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(Isn’t he the cutest??)

Of course you don’t need to add the rattle. It can be a fun softy for any age! I just like that added noise for my baby boy!


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You will need:

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43 thoughts on “Amigurumi Octopus Baby Toy Free Pattern

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  2. Thank you for this. The squeals that came out of my granddaughters mouth when she saw him were amazing, I think the whole neighborhood heard that. I made him blue because that is the color I had, but gonna make more.

  3. Hello Kali, thank you for the wonderfull pattern. I am having some difficulties with the placement of the eyes, could you give me an indication between which row they should be placed?

  4. I am halfway done with the head… it supposed to look like a brain? I'm getting a little nervous…..hopefully it turns out good �� this is my first crochet project so we will see how it goes

  5. Thanks know you so much for this. I had the same idea when I saw the pic. My baby has just started holding and playing with things so he will love this once it's done. Thank you 🙂

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  7. For Round 11-18: SC in each stitch around, how many stitches should there be in each row? I made a mistake and lost my stitch marker at this point 🙁

  8. I just finished row 6 of the body and mine too looks like a brain! When I come to the end of a row I mark my last stitch, then as I go around I use that marked stitch as my ending of that row. I wonder if maybe I am supposed to not go into the marked stitch and count it as my last, but rather count it as a first for my next row? Or is the brainy look normal? It's just really wavy and hard to flatten out at this point.

  9. I don't see how it could go from looking like a brain to the end product pictured here. Was there supposed to be a slip stitch in to a new row? I'm going to pause with it before I get any further and ruin it 🤔

  10. It shouldn't look like a brain… Just a bigger circle and then it goes down into a sphere. When I use a stitch marker the marker is the last stitch of the round. So to go to the end of the next round you will need to take out the marker and then do your stitch then place it back in the last stitch you did. Hope this helps!

  11. The head on mine looks way more angular from the increase stitches almost giving it corners. It looks very bumpy and not as smooth and round as the pic above, is there a way to make it so the increase stitches aren't above each other every time, not sure if this would help but even stuffing it hasn't smoothed out the bumps X

  12. I absolutely loved your pattern. My little octopus turned out just great. And I shared your link with my group Repeater Crafter Me,, I hope that was ok. Thank you so much for the free pattern. 😀

  13. The best way to deal with this is to stagger the "even" increase rounds. For example: say you've just finished round 5, which is sc in the next 3, inc in the next (odd rounds like that one are worked normally). To do round 6, start with a sc in the first 2 stitches, inc in the next, SC in the next 4. Repeat around, SC in the last 2 stitches.

  14. So these tentacles are confusing me. Am I supposed to repeat the. Hdc, dc, and trc? If so how? And why do your tentacles look straight, mine get all wavy.

  15. I just finished this and I love it! Am I allowed to sell it, no? I posted my finished product to my crochet group and now have people wanting me to make them for them to purchase. I linked them to your pattern, because I wasn't sure.

  16. sc 2nd chain from hook. do 1 hdc in the next 2 chs, 1 dc in the next 2 chs, then 1 tr crochet in the rest of the chains

  17. Hi, I love this pattern, but I always have the same problem when crocheting a ball… it always looks kind of edgy, like a hexagon. Am I doing something wrong? I would be really glad if someone could help me 🙂

  18. Mine did too, I had to start all over.. should be written as 1 SC in the first stitch, INC in second, 1 SC in 3rd , INC in 4th, repeat.. amd same with the rest!!I hope that helps because I made a brain at first as well

  19. Ive just finished 8 little tentacles and am excited to start the body tommorow! 🙂 thank you so much for this great pattern im sure my 3 month old is gonna love it when i finish it xx

  20. Love this pattern. Thank you for sharing. I do not use a stitch marker, instead, I lay a strand of contrasting yarn across the first stitch of the row. When I get back to the stitch that has the yarn running through it, I lay the yarn across the top and crochet the first stitch It weaves through the work. I tie the tentacles to each other and turned the head upside down and placed the ring of tentacles where it sits evenly around the center and sew in place.

  21. I'm having a hard time with these tentacles. How do you finish the ends? All it says in the directions is to SC in each stitch all the way around and do 2 in each corner, but adding SC to the top doesn't look right. Do you just chain across?

  22. Hi i love the design but it would be so much easier for all of us if you were able to put up a tutorial which we could be copying while you showed us exactly what to do

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