I have had some questions about this pattern over the years. The yarn I recommended was discontinued, there were questions with how to wear it, etc. Since most of the questions I had were the same over and over I decided to make a FAQ page so you can find your answer quickly!

Q. My scarf is twisted… What did I do wrong?
A. Be sure that when you attach the ends that you DO NOT TWIST them! Make sure they are running the same way, in a continuous line. Double and triple check it! It’s worth it to make sure.

Q. I can’t find the yarn you recommended. What should I use?
A. I recommended the Bernat Collegiate Chunky which they do not produce anymore. BUT it is the same as the Softee Chunky by the same brand. It was just sold in a larger skein. Remember to stay away from the very large size 6 yarns. I DO NOT recommend Wool-Ease thick and quick. Not all size 6 yarns are the same. You will want something closer to a size 5. You can also use two strands of #4 yarn. I haven’t tried this myself, but some others have and had good success!

Q. My scarf is too big. What do I do?
A. Use a smaller hook! Way more people have had better success with an M (9.0) hook. I apologize for recommending a larger hook (I have edited it!) I crochet very tightly.

If you are using very chunky yarn that may be part of the problem too!

Also be sure to check as you go. It is better to frog a few rows in, rather than many rows in! Because everyone is sized differently I just can’t think of a better way to do it.

Q. How do I put this thing on??
A. Bo Peeps bonnet has an instructional video HERE.
She also has the knitting pattern for it HERE.

Q. I don’t know how to do a post stitch!
A. HERE is a great video to help you out!