Make Your Own Watercolor Print

I have been loving all the watercolor backgrounds floating around the social media universe. It may be no secret that I have a thing for color, especially if you see my Colorful Granny Scarf, or my Yarn Scrap Pom Pom Wreath. So naturally I gravitated to the colorful backgrounds.

 I have been wanting to make one of my own with this inspiring quote. We have been waiting to hear back from grad schools and everything has to be on hold until we do. I am not a patient person and like to have things planned out so to say my faith has been tested is an understatement. But I am working on it, and hope that seeing this quote everyday will be a good reminder.
So I needed to paint a background, which I felt was within my realms of creativity. But the beautiful handwriting is not my strong point. So I used my Silhouette Sketchpens!

The nice thing about painting a watercolor background is that it doesn’t have to look like anything. It just has to fill the page and fit your idea of pretty. There are some great tutorials on watercolors over at The Alison Show. Then I let it dry overnight.

The Silhouette Sketch Pens are so easy to use! It was my first project with them and I am hooked! I got a lot of my information from Sugar Bee Crafts and Practically Functional about how to use them. I designed my quote in the design studio. I love that you can use your own fonts, and I downloaded some very fun and free fonts that look very hand-lettery. I used Pea Hannah Vanilla and Janda Stylish Script. I also welded the fonts. (Click on the word and then right click and choose weld.) That seemed to help keep it neat.

Now, the pens only draw the outline of the letters, but that was fine. I took a Sharpie fine point pen and a regular writing pen and colored it in. I was careful to only use the thicker Sharpie on the thick parts of the font and then use the pen to finish the dainty parts. See how I left those curly cues?

I love the finished thing! I want to get a frame a leave it on my counter. A good reminder, don’t you think?

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