Crochet Scarf

Colorful Granny Square Crochet Scarf

I am in the middle of a yarn freeze. I cannot buy anymore until I decrease the stash. It is a necessary evil, especially since my bedroom doubles as a craft room. You may have seen my Yarn Scrap Pom Pom Wreath where I used my little scraps. But I needed something that could use my half-skeins. When I came across this lovely scarf by the lovely Sarah London, I knew I had found my next project!

For the most part I stuck with her pattern (it is essentially a large rectangular granny square). I am not sure if she uses UK or US terms, but her post uses TR crochet stitches and I used the US DC. I also used a HDC for the hot pink (partly because I did not have a ton left in that color and because I did not want it to be TOO TOO pink) and for the outside edge of purple. I also used my H hook (5.00mm) but that was simply because I couldn’t find the 5.5 that Sarah used. Pretty sure my son threw it away. Sigh.

I just love crocheting granny squares. It is relaxing.

This scarf has 7 seven colors and did not use even half a skein of each. I still have leftovers from my leftovers. I used a whole bunch of different brands and types (some cotton, some acrylic) but all were a size 4. It is 7 and a half inches high and 7 and a half feet long (Seriously! What are the chances?)

I love that it has all of my favorite colors, and that it will brighten up the dreary winter. Can winter be over already?

What colors will you use?

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