Best Crochet Gifts for the Crochet Enthusiast

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My birthday is coming up this month (the big 2-6!) as well as the birthday of my business (3 years!) Maybe small change comparatively, but I am feeling grateful and excited to see where this years takes me! 
Around this time my husband starts to get an anxious look in his eye, and tries to drop hints asking me to drop hints about what I might like for a birthday present. And I eye roll because I feel like I drop hints ALL THE TIME!! But he is a busy man, and like many other loving spouses, significant others, or friends and family, has a hard time deciding what to do for birthdays (or anniversaries, or Christmas, or…). So I decided, as a favor to my husband and all those out there who get stressed at the gift giving time, to compile a list of the Best Crochet Gifts for the Crochet Enthusiast. It’s a fun list if you are looking for yourself (I am a great believer in the occasional gift to oneself!). Or a helpful list to share, send, tweet, tag, etc. to someone as a not so subtle hint! If you are here as a result of such a sharing, bless. You are already doing pretty dang good.
Before I start the list, the best thing to get is yarn. Always. But I like to pick out my own, so a gift card to their favorite craft store is never a bad way to go. If they have way too much yarn (which is OPINION!) then check out these things! 

One of the things I have wanted for pretty much ever is a Furl’s Crochet Hook. These hooks are
AMAZING. And you know what else?? It is a company that was started with
handcarving every hook (check out these gorgeous wood ones!) and the people I talked to were incredible and so so kind. I can not stop raving about this company and these hooks! Check out THIS. These are seriously people I want to get behind and support!

Guys, seriously look. They are so dreamy.

are all backed by science and research and yada yada (its cool but I
just want to crochet, you know?). Seriously, go read the testimonials!

I am oohing and ahhing over these amazing borders!

I have been eyeing this one for a while, too! I love the vintagey feel these animals have. I’m dying to try that fuzzy monkey!

These hooks are an amazing deal and come with such a cool case! So helpful for traveling and storage!!

How adorable are these unicorn scissors?? Any crocheter would love to have these in their bag! Be sure to check out the rest of the shop too- So many fun pairs!

Maybe yarn storage is on the list? Check out this awesome unit!

This is such an awesome little tool… you can wear it like a necklace pendant but it cuts yarn! No more losing scissors!

Those colors!! I want the pattern for that circle blanket BAD. So much pretty in this book!
Don’t you think this crochet key chain is so cute? You can hook on the go! 
 I want this book BAD! Look how cute those letters are! They would make amazing gifts. All 26 capital letter patterns. The Alphabet in 3D

Don’t these puzzle balls look like a blast!? I bet they would be a hit at baby showers! (also craft fairs!!)

Isn’t this such a cute little yarn bowl? It would definitely come in handy around here!

Crocheted sea creatures looks like so much fun! I REALLY really REALLY want to try out that shark on the cover!

I absolutely love having these! I know you CAN make a pom pom without them, but they are so much easier with one! I use them for all kinds of things… Well worth the money!

I always need an extra bag to keep my WIP in! This one is gorgeous and super functional!

How cute are these animal heads?

I think these dolls are super cute… and those clothes!

These stitch markers are my absolute favorite. I have had them for almost a year and I have never had one break or come apart!

This is another Mooncie book… and its amazing! There is a reversible chameleon! You seriously reverse it and have a totally different colored chameleon! Cool, huh?

These are my go to hooks! A little pricier, but oh so worth it! I love having so many sizes in one pack, too!

I have always wanted a yarn winder… But just haven’t made the push for one yet! This one got great reviews on Amazon!

I have this and LOVE it! I have two young boys and no craft room. I crochet out “in the open” and sometimes need to put away projects quickly (WHYYY do babies love to pull on yarn)! Has a place for hooks and scissors so I especially love it for when I am traveling!


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  1. Thank you for all the awesome reviews. I love my stitch markers and my yarn winder! I would love to win this Furls hook. Thank you for the chance!

  2. Furls hooks are AMAZING!!!! and I just found out that they are changing the only complaint I had – none of them had sizing on them – The company sent me an email asking me to send my hooks back to them so they could add sizing to the hook I had already purchased – REALLY???? I would back a company like that ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!

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