How to Crochet a Headband in Any Size!

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Have you ever wanted to crochet a headband in any size? I have some tips and tricks so that you can! You will need to make sure of a few different things before you try this… First, you will need to choose a headband
that is made in rows of a single stitch. So a row of DC, HDC, or SC is fine! But you can’t do it as easily if you are using the shell stitch which requires a certain type of multiples. Second, you will need to account for other kinds of stitches. For example my Katelyn Ear Warmer uses post stitches which pull the headband together, making it smaller than your starting chain.  But you can account for that by adding some length to the chain.

Are you ready to get started?

You will need:
Any yarn in any size
Appropriate crochet hook
yarn needle

First, you need to decide what size you need to do. This pattern can
be as big or as small as you want it to be. To be exact, you can measure
the head of whomever you are making it for. If you can’t do that use my
handy dandy chart!

(Hint: Most yarn is stretchy enough that if you use the measure the
head method, go at least an inch or two smaller than the measurement. Keep it
in mind for when you use the chart as well!)

Crochet a Headband sizing chart

Want an example?? Check out my sweetest niece in this headband with bow. She is about 7 months and her head measured 17 inches. So I chained out to 15 and a half inches. Then DC in each stitch across, chained 2 and turned. I did 6 rows of DC and then sewed it together!

Crochet a Headband on a baby

Then for the bow I chained out to the length I wanted (fold it in half to see how large it will be!). I did the same thing as the headband but went 7 rows instead of 6. Sew the ends together and leave a long tail. I placed the soon-to-be-bow on the seam of the headband and wrapped the long tail around to make the knot. Then tied it off!

Crochet a Headband on a baby
Crochet a Headband on a baby
Crochet a Headband on a baby

You can do the same thing with my Katelyn Ear Warmer. Because the ends over lap in that pattern, and because of the post stitches I added one inch to her actual head size… So because her head measured 17 inches I chained to 18. Then followed the pattern exactly!

Crochet a Headband on a baby
 Isn’t she seriously the cutest thing? I can hardly stand it!
Crochet a Headband on a baby

Do you just love these pictures?? My very talented sister (and mother of the adorable baby!) is an amazing photographer! If you are in the South East Idaho area you should follow her on Facebook and on Instagram! Or just follow her for some serious photography inspiration. She is legit, folks.

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