Free Pattern Frozen Inspired Caron Cake Cowl Part 2

You will need to know how to:
Double Crochet (DC)
Front Post Double Crochet (FPDC)
Back Post Double Crochet
If you want to see some tutorials on these stitches check out my Ribs and Ridges Scarf! 

Row 1: Chain 125. Slip stitch the ends together. Double, TRIPLE check that the loop does not get twisted before you attach it. Lay it flat and check again. Chain 2.
Row 2: DC in the same stitch as your chains. DC in each chain around. Slip stitch to first DC. Chain 2 (125)
Row 3: Insert hook around and behind the post of the first stitch(the post will be between you and the hook!) and DC. This is the FPDC. Then go around the back of the next one (the hook will be between you and the post). This is the BPDC. Alternate to the end. Slip stitch to the first post. Chain 2.
Repeat Row 3 for a total of 20 rows. You are matching up the posts with each other. So you will FPDC on a FPDC and BPDC on a BPDC. It gets a lot easier to see after that 2nd row! You will be flying in no time!

Look at how pretty it works up!

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