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It is safe to say that I have fallen in love with crochet dolls. The combinations and ability to personalize is my favorite thing! These are some of my favorite designs. It honestly warms my heart to think of a little person cuddling with a home made crochet creation!

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There are a few things that are really important to me when I am designing and making a crochet doll pattern. I tend to like a simpler design that can really be enhanced by yarn choices and those special little details. I want my dolls to be played with so I want them to withstand being dragged along on play dates, or car rides, or as a bed time friend. I want them to be loved for a good long time, so they need to be hardy and solid as well as soft. Nothing warms my heart more than when a mother gives her little girl a handmade doll, or grandmas make them as Christmas presents, or when they are donated to deserving charities. I obviously have a soft spot in my heart for dolls, but what a gift!! So I want the maker to have all the information to make the best doll they can! That is why I provide so many tips and tricks with every doll pattern. I learned most of it through trial and error, but I work hard so you don’t have to!

Crochet Doll Tutorials

If you are worried about your ability to make a doll- please don’t! If you can do (or learn!) the basic stitches and work in the round you can do this. They can be time consuming, but with all the pictures and details in the pattern I really believe you can do it! And as with most things, practice goes a long way!

Free Crochet Doll Patterns

You can find the printable, PDF patterns on Etsy or on Ravelry.The Friendly Lolly

The Friendly Lolly is a sweet crochet doll designed to sit on a shelf, or a bed, or a bookcase… Or just to be carried around! She is 7 inches from bottom to head, but close to 15 counting the legs. While I had a lot of fun playing with the colors, you can easily adapt this doll to match a little girl’s room, or her favorite colors, or as a look alike doll! The possibilities are endless.

The Friendly Zoey

This free crochet doll pattern is just under 9 inches tall and can easily be held by little hands! I have been wanting to create a crochet doll pattern that could be made really quickly so I had three things I kept in mind when making Zoey. Simple, speedy, and sweet. I love how quick her hair works up (most crochet doll’s hair is a serious labor of love!) but the bold color makes it so fun. And if you rather not use the pom poms, you can use the pigtail method I used on The Friendly Molly doll! I think it would be just as cute in traditional colors as well- perfect for a little look alike doll! The dress is also fairly simple- a timeless, classic look. And of course the size means you can make one of these in a day!

Princess Sophie

I am so excited to be offering this as a free crochet doll pattern! AND all of the details for the Princess Sophie doll are removable, so you can have an entire wardrobe for her! What princess doesn’t love dress up? The Princess Sophie is 15 inches tall and comes with the patterns for shoes, dress, and crown.

Grace is my largest free crochet doll pattern at 15 inches tall with tall legs and wide body! There are detailed instruction on her bow, slippers, and dress! This crochet doll is sure to be a beloved treasure!
At just over 9 inches, the Friendly Molly is the perfect crochet doll for little hands to cuddle. The body and head is made in one piece and I share some tips to minimize that dreaded “head wobble.” Perfectly sweet with darling little pigtails and her little overalls, Molly would be a darling present for any little girl! I designed her with young ones in mind, so everything is attached, the hair is crocheted so it won’t unravel, and extra cute for lots of play and snuggles.
The Friendly Superhero Doll is about 15 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide (not including the arms and hair.) Perfect for the superhero lover in your life. The classic design is perfect to customize to become any popular superhero, or create your own! Either way, this doll is sure to delight and inspire a lot of superhero action.
Or make this smaller version if you are in a hurry! Perfect for charity donations!

The Friendly Leilani

The Friendly Leilani crochet doll comes with adventure vibes and Hawaiian dress! Leilani loves the ocean, exploring and a good joke. She measures about 15 inches tall 3 inches wide (not including the arms and hair.)

The Friendly Mermaid

The Friendly Mermaid is now a FREE PATTERN! She is a perfect doll for a beginner… no legs;) And what little girl doesn’t love a mermaid? She comes out to be just under 12 inches. You can also find all the tips that you may need to create the perfect little mermaid!


The Sophie Doll is a little more sophisticated and stylish! I love her long long limbs and little tunic! She measures 15 inches tall and comes with instructions for her boots and tunic! She would be so fun to customize, too!


The Friendly Amelia now a FREE crochet pattern! She is so sweet and is the perfect size for little hands at 9 inches tall! Because of her size she works up fairly quickly (perfect for a beginner doll-maker!) She comes with the instructions for her pretty dress!

The Friendly Mae is a variation of Amelia. Made with short hair and attached dress, she is perfect for a younger set of hands!


 The Ballerina Animals

The Ballerina Animals are so fun! With the Bunny, Bear, and Kitty pattern you really can’t go wrong! If you can’t decide they are sold together at a big discount or if you have a favorite, you can get them individually, too!

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