Free Pattern Frozen Inspired Caron Cake Cowl

Free Pattern for the Frozen Inspired Caron Cake Cowl

So I jumped on the Caron Cakes craze. I was a little underwhelmed when they fist came out and stores were selling out… I didn’t really get why?? But I decided to snag one when Michael’s had their big sale and I am so glad I did. First, becasue the colors are sooo pretty (doesn’t it remind you of Elsa in Frozen?) and second, its soft and warm. I was hesitant mostly about the color changes because I had read that they were too abrupt. There isn’t a gradual shift for sure… but with this pattern that didn’t matter. It was ridiculously fun to see the color changes coming up! It makes such a pretty ombre effect, yeah?

The pattern is really simple once you learn how to do the front post double crochet and the back post double crochet. This is really the perfect cowl to take when you are traveling! I could do it in the car and not have to pay too much attention. And it wasn’t a disaster if I had to turn around and help the kids with something. I just picked it right back up!

So the cowl ends up being 28 inches around and just a little over 6 inches tall. Perfect for throwing on and heading out the door! “The cold never bothered me anymore!” ha 😉

AND it is reversible.

You will need:
Size 5.5 Hook
Caron Cakes (I used Faerie Cake)
or another self striping yarn

Shall we begin?

Want more free patterns? HERE are all of mine in one spot! 

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