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Attaching Arms and Legs to Plush Amigurumi

The “yarn through method” is my favorite method for attaching limbs, whether using plush yarn or not. This is especially helpful with plush or chenille yarn because you attach them with worsted weight yarn, so it doesn’t shed as you go in and out with the needle. I also love the way it looks and that the limbs are movable.

Want the pattern?

Free Plush Teddy Bear Pattern

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This is the course for people who hate sewing amigurumi!

Learn how to avoid using the dreaded needle with this course! Three methods of attaching limbs and heads without sewing, each with video tutorials and a specifically designed pattern to try it out.

Notes on Attaching Arms and Legs on Plush Amigurumi

Find a worsted weight yarn that is similar in color to the amigurumi. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but the closer the better. Cut a very long piece, at least four or five feet long! You will be using this very long needle. Careful, it is sharp!

Pin the arms (or legs) in place. Then you will put your threaded needle through the center top of the limb, approx 2 rounds from the top. Keep the pins in place.

The needle will go through the first arm, then the body, and then out the corresponding center top of the second arm. It may take a few tries to get it in the right spot. Just try to make it as straight as you can through the body.

Then place your needle one stitch away from where it came out from. You want it to be as close as you can to the exit point without having it come undone. Push it back through the arm, the body, and come out right next to the first insertion point on the other arm. Repeat this two or three times. Then use the other tail and repeat the process once or twice.

When you are done with both ends, go back through the arm as you have been, but come out through a spot in the upper middle back. Do the same with the other end, even coming out through the same spot.

Tie a double knot. Then thread the ends through the same hole and into the body. This pulls the knot inside and hides it. Trim the ends of your yarn.

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