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Stop the Neck Wobble in Amigurumi made in one piece

Making amigurumi with a head and body in one piece can be an awesome shortcut! But sometimes you end up with a floppy head, or a head that is more oval than round. This is my favorite method to prevent that from happening!

Want the pattern?

Free Plush Teddy Bear Pattern

Are you wanting to make the pattern that is shown in this post? It is available here on my website!

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Stop the Head Flop

Before you begin crocheting the body/head, crochet a tube that is one stitch smaller than the opening of the head. This tube is a magic circle of 7 SC because the neck opening will be 8 SC. Then just crochet around for a total of about 10-12 rows. Fasten off and leave a long tail. This will sew the hole closed and go through the neck a few times. Put aside until you need it.

Once you have stuffed the body well and are ready to place the tube, use your hook to go through the center and push the tube through the neck opening and into the body.

Stuff the tube very, very well. Packing the stuffing as well as you can makes a big difference in the support it provides.

Sew the top of the hole closed once you are done stuffing.

Weave the yarn down until you come out right next to where the head and neck begin. Go through the neck and tube a couple of times to make sure the tube doesn’t move.

Continue crocheting as you normally would.

I like the head to be circular more than cone shaped. That is why I recommend the first round of the head be crocheted in the front loop. The neck tube also helps. Lightly pulling the stitches so that the bottom helps and then stuffing all the edges will also help.

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    1. I did use it for the gingerbread! Honestly I use it for almost everything. It helps hold the neck up but it also helps with the head shape, in my opinion

  1. You show putting the neck strengthener in the regular teddy but not in the snuggler. The body doesn’t get stuffed so it’s different. There are no instructions for that one.

    1. It is the same technique! I don’t do anything different, except make sure the tube doesn’t fall in. That would be the only difference, everything else I do exactly the same!

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