Clover Crochet Hooks- Are they worth it?

Clover Crochet Hooks are the best hooks I have ever used. I love them with every space of my crocheting body. Want my top 5 reasons why you should try them out?

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  1. They are SERIOUSLY good quality. I have had the same set for five years and use them daily. All of them look brand new. Unlike some other brands, the grip doesn’t move around after some time (which was one of my biggest pet peeves!)
  2. My hands feel better using these. Clover Crochet Hooks are ergonomic, the fancy word for they just feel really good when you use them and I don’t really know the science of it. But they really, truly, do.
  3. The aluminum tip glides sooo smoothly. I have serious trouble using any other hook now because it throws off my rhythm. I feel like I crochet gracefully with these. You just need to try them out to see what I mean!
  4. I love the set. I feel like they are very true to size and I love being able to get the right hook I need. I also love that the sizes are etched into the grip so they won’t rub off. No guessing what size you might be using- it is still as clear and easy to read as they day you bought them!
  5. I see good prices for these all the time. I would pay full price for them and rejoice but they are almost always an amazing deal on Amazon! Or try JoAnn’s or whatever craft store and use a coupon. Amazing quality for the price!

And there you have it! My favorite reasons to use my favorite hooks. Be sure to check them out on Amazon today- 55% off for the set!!

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