Best Yarn for Crochet Dolls

It can be hard to find the right yarn for crochet dolls. There are a lot of shades and styles out there! and it can be hard to find just the right one for your doll. I have compiled almost all the dolls I have made and the yarn I used! Hopefully it can be helpful as you search for that perfect shade!

This is one of my new favorite colors for dolls! It is Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek in Ivory. This yarn is beautiful and soft, with more of a “warmer” tone than most ivories! The dress here is also in the same brand.

This doll was made with I Love this Yarn in Ivory. You can also find it at hobby lobby! I love the weight of it and it holds up really well!

Grace here is made with Stylecraft’s Special Chunky in Cream. It is a thicker yarn (size 5) but not too big that it changes much in the pattern (unless you are doing a mermaid! Then you need a similar size!) Like this one…

She was made with the same color. It is lighter than some others but really pretty! They also have an aran weight in the same color now that I haven’t tried yet, but I have ordered it!

This little mermaid was made in I Love this Yarn in Toasted Almond. It is such a pretty color! Perfect if you are looking for a darker skinned doll.

The Friendly Mae is made with Red Heart Super Save in Aran. I wasn’t over the moon about trying Red Heart but I actually really like this one! It holds the shape SUPER WELL.

I have more yarns on hold that I am excited to try, and I will keep updating this as I make new dolls! If you want more tips and tricks for dolls, check out my entire list of tutorials HERE!

And see the whole collections of The Friendly Dolls over HERE!

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