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I love providing crochet doll tutorials because there are a few things that can make or break a crochet doll! There are also some things that discourage crocheters from trying to make a crochet doll… Obviously, I love making them and want anyone that has any desire to make one feel confident enough to try!

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If you are looking for the perfect doll to make here are all the crochet doll patterns I offer! Some of them are premium patterns, but there are some free ones too (and those are perfect for a beginner!)

If you are just beginning, I strongly suggest you look over the amigurumi (the japanse term for three dimensional crochet!) tools and materials I suggest! Some tools just make the whole process easier.

Then look over my Best Amigurumi Tips and Tricks! You will want to read this before you get started… It talks about stitch markers, safety eyes, and stuffing (one of the make or break things with a doll!)

You need to know what yarn is the best to start with too! There are lots of options out there… But this post shows you some of my tried and true favorites!

Now you need to look at making those sweet little details I love on the face with my Best Tips for Doll Faces! These little things add so much to a crochet doll! Like those eyelashes and cheeks!

The question I get asked ALL THE TIME is how to sew on the head! If you want minimal floppage and all the tips to make it as painless as possible (and a no-sew method!) then you will want to read this post! Bonus: there is a video!

And one of the biggest deterrents to making a doll! All that hair! Don’t worry though, I got your back! Three different ways to attach the hair with tons of pictures!

Now you are set to make the perfect crochet doll! I really hope this helped, and if you need any more tips you should join The Friendly Crochet Club on Facebook! There is a lot of knowledge and sharing over there!

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