Amigurumi Tools and Materials

A lot of people have recently asked me how I got started in amigurumi and what they need! I wrote a post about all of the tips I wish I had known HERE, but this post should answer what you need to get started!

1. Comfortable Hook
First and most important is a good hook. Most amigurumi patterns are on the smaller size of the spectrum because you want nice, tight stitches! I like to use my Clover Hooks because they are ergonomic and that helps when I am making those small stitches over and over! And there is something about the tip that is just sooo smooth. I feel like the set is such a good deal, and having different sizes to try can help you get the right size to get the right tension.

2. Stitch Markers

Don’t be a rebel. With Amigurumi you absolutely need to use those stitch markers. This is the NUMBER ONE THING that messes up an amigurumi pattern. When people email me with questions about why their project didn’t turn out I ask “Did you use a stitch marker?” and they say “No, do I need to?” and I say “YES.” Don’t know how to use stitch markers? Check out my post HERE.
Not all stitch markers are created equal. THESE locking ring ones are my favorite because they don’t wiggle out. When you are turning a project as much as you are in amigurumi that is important.

3. Stuffing
I prefer polyfil. Some bonuses are that if it gets wet, it will dry out much better than cotton, it stuffs better and its cheap. There isn’t a whole lot more I can say besides that!

4. Great Storage
Most amigurumi projects have mutltiple pieces. I love having this Yarn Drum to keep them all in the same place. It has a pocket and an attached pouch perfect for hooks, stitch markers, yarn, safety eyes, etc. And I like it for keeping my projects away from my two little boys. AND I love it for traveling!

5. Safety Eyes and Noses
Safety eyes are great because they are… safe. They come with a washer that attaches from behind so they are pretty much impossible to remove. (To see how to attach safety eyes go HERE) The two main places I get safety eyes are Etsy and Amazon. They also have them in craft stores like Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s but I like the selection better online. THESE are my go-to. The  10mm or 12mm are the sizes I use the most.

I also like a few Etsy shops for stuff like this! Check out the shop 6060 and While She Naps. I have been super happy with both of them!
6. Needles
There is a fair amount of sewing in amigurumi. I really like THESE needles because they have a bent tip. It doesn’t make a difference all the time, but I LOVE them when I am sewing on heads! The angle helps sooooo much! I also like them for when I am sewing blocks together (like THIS hexagon blanket). And I also like the little case because I lose these suckers all the time.

7. Yarn!
My favorite thing and absolutely essential (duh.) I really like worsted weight yarn. This is a great type of yarn to work with especially if you are a beginner. Some people swear by using only cotton, but I prefer acrylic. If you are just starting out, acrylic is cheaper and a little more forgiving. Most of my dolls are made out of Hobby Lobby’s I Love this Yarn or Stylecraft Special Chunky 

Don’t be afraid to try cotton yarn though! Cotton has the benefit of really holding its shape and being “we-resistant” (read- good for slobbery baby toys.)

But don’t feel like all amigurumi needs to be small… I have substituted chunky yarn for worsted weight before! Like for THESE GIRAFFES.

I also like using fuzzy yarn. If that intimidates you, you can find my top 10 tips for working with it here.

8. You will need some tips and tricks! Check out this post for everything I wish someone had told me when I started!

9. You will need a good pattern! The one I ALWAYS recommend if you are brand new to amigurumi is my Octopus Amigurumi Toy. It is very basic but you get to practice some of the essential amigurumi techniques!

and if you are looking for more I have a HUGE post of all of my favorite patterns!

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