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It is safe to say that I have fallen in love with crochet dolls. The combinations and ability to personalize is my favorite thing! These are some of my favorite designs. It honestly warms my heart to think of a little person cuddling with a home made crochet creation!

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There are a few things that are really important to me when I am designing and making my dolls. I tend to like a simpler design that can really be enhanced by yarn choices and those special little details. I want my dolls to be played with so I want them to withstand being dragged along on play dates, or car rides, or as a bed time friend. I want them to be loved for a good long time, so they need to be hardy and solid as well as soft. Nothing warms my heart more than when a mother gives her little girl a handmade doll, or grandmas make them as Christmas presents, or when they are donated to deserving charities. I obviously have a soft spot in my heart for dolls, but what a gift!! So I want the maker to have all the information to make the best doll they can! That is why I provide so many tips and tricks with every doll pattern. I learned most of it through trial and error, but I work hard so you don't have to!

If you are worried about your ability to make a doll- please don't! If you can do (or learn!) the basic stitches and work in the round you can do this. They can be time consuming, but with all the pictures and details in the pattern I really believe you can do it! And as with most things, practice goes a long way!
You can find the printable, PDF patterns on Etsy or on Ravelry.

The Friendly Lolly

The Friendly Zoey

Princess Sophie
The Princess Sophie took A LONG time to get just right. I wanted a classic design that could be easily adapted to look like almost any favorite princess. I also wanted to make everything removable to allow for dress ups! Because what little princess doesn't need a change of clothes? The Princess Sophie is 15 inches tall and comes with the patterns for shoes, dress, and crown.

The Friendly Grace is such a perfect doll for the aspiring ballerina! Her sweet frilly dress, the ballerina shoes, and large bow are all included in the pattern. She is about 15 inches tall and comes with a full tutorial on how to get those details just right. I also include tips for her hair and three different ways to attach it!

The Friendly Mermaid is now a FREE PATTERN! She is a perfect doll for a beginner... no legs;) And what little girl doesn't love a mermaid? She comes out to be just under 12 inches. You can also find all the tips that you may need to create the perfect little mermaid!

The Sophie Doll is a little more sophisticated and stylish! I love her long long limbs and little tunic! She measures 15 inches tall and comes with instructions for her boots and tunic! She would be so fun to customize, too!

The Friendly Amelia now a FREE crochet pattern! She is so sweet and is the perfect size for little hands at 9 inches tall! Because of her size she works up fairly quickly (perfect for a beginner doll-maker!) She comes with the instructions for her pretty dress!
The Friendly Mae is a variation of Amelia. Made with short hair and attached dress, she is perfect for a younger set of hands!

 The Ballerina Animals 
The Ballerina Animals are so fun! With the Bunny, Bear, and Kitty pattern you really can't go wrong! If you can't decide they are sold together at a big discount or if you have a favorite, you can get them individually, too!

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