Tips for a Successful Craft Fair Part 2

8. Make sure you are not one in a million
One fair I
went to had a TON of similar crochet items. Like 6-7 booths out of 40.
People still liked my stuff but they had “just got a hat from over
there.” Gag, blegh, sigh! From then on I checked and double
checked that there were not going to be a lot of the same items that I
was selling. MOST fairs don’t want this and won’t allow duplicates but
be sure to check! 

9. Bigger is not Always Better
you are heart broken that you weren’t accepted to sell in a large fair,
or can’t afford the booth fee do no despair! I used to always do the
craft fair in my very small hometown and consistently did better than
the larger fairs! Why? I am not sure. My small town is remote so the
fair is a bigger deal than larger places that have them more often.
People liked buying my stuff because they knew me. And there wasn’t as
much of what I was selling (see number 8!). What I am trying to say is
you can make it work in a smaller area! Look at all the factors that
goes into a fair, not just size! Another thing that helps is going to
the same fair year after year. People start to remember you and say “I
was looking forward to seeing what you made this year!” BEST FEELING

10. Plan Ahead
Don’t decide a week
before that you want to do a craft fair UNLESS you already have a ton of
inventory. It will be bad on your health and stress levels and maybe
your marriage. Haha! Seriously, though,  a fair is hard enough work that
you don’t want to be so worried about making inventory that you don’t
have the time to do all the other stuff that comes with it. You may walk
away disappointed. The ideal is to work at it all year long and be
ready to go! I say ideal… but I know I have let it sneak up on me! But
I was always happier and more successful when I gave myself plenty of

11. Have Pictures or display only pieces
my crochet hats, lots of people want to try them on. Uhhhh… that is a
little iffy. What if they have lice? Or are just dirty? Or something
crazy happens and they damage it? and then don’t buy it!! Ahh! MOST of
the time it will be fine.. But what if it isn’t? I think most people try
it on for 2 reasons. They want to see what it looks like on and to make
sure it fits. So I recommend having a few pictures displayed of the
hats being modeled and make the time to have a few display only hats
that are in the different sizes you offer. (or whatever you are selling-
I just think in hats!) Offer them that hat and point them to the
pictures. Most people will be understanding!

12. Make things in different price ranges
is one that I saw often through my perusal of craft tips but I really
found it valuable! A lot of the time the big ticket items are what draw
people in and they leave with a cheaper item. Or they will add on a
cheaper item! Keep making your big ticket items because sometimes that
is where it is at. But have options because for some reason those
smaller things will be what makes you more money overall. It may differ
on where you are at, too!

This is a good example of a smaller thing to make! Free Octopus Baby Toy

And some bigger ticket items! You can find these The Friendly Dolls patterns HERE

13. Don’t go overboard with inventory! 
year I just wanted to make all the hats! I had like 35 different hats,
all kinds of styles! And there were a lot of people that loved them…
but wanted it in a different size. Or color. And I didn’t have it. I
have learned its best to stick to what you love and what sells well and
then offer options. Oh you like this Tiger hat? Great I have it in 4
sizes! You like these headbands? I have 6 different colors! It helps you
because you will get good at a certain thing (less making time) and
more people will buy (more money!) CHA-CHING!

14. Do you offer custom orders? Let them know!
lot of the time people like what they see but want something a little
different. Maybe a scarf in the one color you didn’t make, or a hat in
the one size you just ran out of! If you take custom orders let them
know and then (this is the biggie!!) have a way to let them
contact you! Business cards are great, but a printed off paper invoice
where they pay you THERE with all of THEIR contact info is gold!

15. Have fun with it! 
If this seems like the cliche go to for every other article conclusion, I want to tell you this is my number one tip!
I got to the point where it was so stressful on me and my family that I
had to take a big step back. I had to ask myself some hard questions
like how much time am I putting in this? what is the return? and the BIG
one… is it worth it? To me it wasn’t. So I am way more picky and way
more choosy and let it become FUN again. I make more and I like it
better (and my kids and husband like ME better!) It shows when you are
burned out. So don’t let it ever get NOT FUN.

That is it for my best tips and tricks for craft fairs! Do you have any you would add?

If you have any questions, pop over to The Friendly Crochet Club! This is the best place if you have any questions!! 

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