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How to Attach Snuggler Legs

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There are a few things to know when you are attaching your crochet snuggler legs.

  • The first leg you make will be fastened off. You will then make the second leg, chain 4, and attach to the other leg.
  • Counting is your friend here. You will SC 16 around one leg, SC 4 on one side of the chains, SC 16 around the next leg, and then SC 4 on the other side of the chains. (see the picture below!)
  • You can tie the knots before or after you attach the legs. The knots may seem like it will be too tight to get through, but the foot will make it and then it is the perfect size. Not overstuffing the foot will help, too! A little squishing will not hurt it, I promise!
  • Each knot will go “in” so that the legs face inwards a little bit. For the left leg, bring the foot over and out, then through the back. The right leg will go around the back and in. See the photo below!

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