Crochet Hexagon Video Tutorial

This crochet hexagon video tutorial shows the process to crochet a hexagon of any size. Once you have the pattern down, the options are endless! I had such a wonderful time making a blanket out of these crochet hexagons. I really enjoyed working with all the rainbow colors, but I think this would be really pretty in neutrals or your favorite color scheme, too! You can check out the much smaller crochet hexagon blanket I made for my son in greens and blues… and I love that one too!

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I made a crochet hexagon blanket but there are a lot of other fun things to make with a crochet hexagon. One of my favorites is this hexagonal wall hanging from Whistle and Ivy. This is a different version, but a sweater made from two hexagons! I just love all the options out there.

This video shows you how to make a hexagon in any size. The crochet hexagons for my rainbow blanket had 8 rounds and measured about 7.5 inches. But as you can see in this smaller blanket, it can be fun to make those smaller sizes, too!


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