Big News!

It’s been long debated, worried over and prayed about… But I have decided that I am going to make my premium patterns available on the blog for free! This decision was not taken lightly. I have thought and talked about it for months. As much as it is a business decision (want to read about how my blog is a business? Head HERE), I am excited to share something I love SO much with so many more people!

Once a month we will have a little vote on Facebook and the most popular pattern will be made free on the blog the following week! If you have one you really want, make sure to share and comment on the post!

All of my patterns are now at the price that I sell my Printable PDF versions, so if you still want to get the pattern, it is now a better deal and there will be no surprises when it is made free on the blog. My biggest worry about going this route was that people would be upset if they bought the pattern and it was made free. If you have bought a pattern, make sure you have signed up for a The Friendly Newsletter. I will be sending a coupon code as a huge thank you!!

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