How to Attach Hair to a Crochet Doll

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I get a lot of questions about how to attach hair to a doll. There are a lot of ways to do it, and other doll makers may have their own method, but these are my favorite, tried and tested ways to attach doll hair. It takes some time to attach hair to a crochet doll but the result is fantastic!

First, let's talk about what kind of yarn to use. You can probably use pretty much any kind of yarn you want BUT let me inform you that attaching doll hair takes about as long as crocheting it. I prefer to work with larger yarns like Lion Brand's Hometown, their Homespun Thick and quick, Hobby Lobby's I Love this Yarn Chunky... You get the picture. Roving is also really pretty (but I only use it if I can find a great deal!). You can use a size 4 yarn as well! It just doesn't take as much space (obviously!) so I always double up. You can see the pictures in the first method- that is what I did with Caron's Simply Soft. I also love to experiment with fun colors... Ultimately it is up to you! The hair can add so much personality to a doll!

To save time in cutting the hair into equal strips, I usually wrap it multiple times around something. I usually use a DVD case or book and wrap the long way. Then cut the yarn at one end. Voila! Tons of hair all the same size ready to go!

So let's get started!!

 1. Right on the Head Method
This actually isn't my favorite method (I will tell you why later!) but you use the same technique in most of the other ways, so it is important! Like it says, you put the hair right on the crocheted head.

Here is a bald spot on this dolly's head.
Insert the hook through one of the stitches, like so.
Pull the already cut yarn through the stitch.
Make an opening wide enough...
To grab the yarn and pull through.
Pull it tight! Now repeat a lot, a lot of times! HA!

It is also helpful to go around the perimeter of the hair and then fill in. It just helps you make sure the edges are nice and pretty. I always use the natural curve of the line of stitches, you can see it here.
Then go down and around. I also skip a row as I am filling in. Having hair in every stitch is way too much! you will be surprised how quickly it fills in! The hair weighs quite a bit, too!

I recommend you make a hair hat and attach the hair to that, then attach THAT to the head. It would look like this.
That way you don't have to fill in every stitch and you won't be able to see "bald spots" on the doll!

Read on to see what I mean about the hair hat!

3. Ringlets
To make the ringlets chain just a little past the length that you want, as the stitches will make the length come up a little. Then place 2 DC in each stitch up. If you want looser curls, try 2 DC in the first, and one DC in the second and repeat til you reach the top. Leave enough of an end to sew on!

Now you will need to make about a million. Seriously. These are so cute but are kind of yarn eaters, so make sure have a good supply of whatever color you are using!
I also make what I like to call the "hair hat." This sits like a hat on the dolls head, but I attach the ringlets to it. I like to do it this way rather than just on the head like the first doll because to cover the entire head would be CRAZY. Like serious, serious hair! So if you make the hat the same color then the head won't show through and it will look fabulous. I usually start it off like I would for my other hats. The head of your doll may be different but here is a good start.
Using a size 5.0 or H hook:
11 DC in a magic circle, slip stitch to first. Chain 2.
2 DC in each stitch around, slip stitch to first. Chain 2.
*2 DC in the first, 1 in the next* repeat around, slip stitch to first. Chain 2.
DC in each around (do this one until you reach the size you want. for this doll I did three rows.)
Leave a long tail to sew onto the dolls head.
Now get the ringlets ready.
and sew 'em on! 
It helps, at least in the front, to pin them on before you sew. Just helps to give you an idea of spacing and get those front curls just right! Then fill in the back as you go! Remember you don't necessarily need it to fill every space. Plan accordingly :) 
Then sew on the wig hat! I use pins to keep it where I want it and just sew sew sew!
You would so the same thing if you attached individual yarn pieces like in number 1.

2. Pigtails and Ponytails

This method is faster but you don't have the option of changing the hair, which is just fine depending on the doll.

Make the doll hat like you would for the ringlets. If you are using a thicker yarn, use the same color but in a size 4. Then attach the hair like in #1 but only along the outside.
This is where you would stop for a ponytail. For a pig tail attach hair down the middle like a part.
I add a row of hair to the front, because it hides the hair hat better.
So cute, huh?

4. Scalloped Ponytail
Round 1: In a magic circle, 6 SC.
Round 2: SC INC in each around. (12)
Round 3: SC in first, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (18)
Round 4: SC in first 2, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (24)
Round 5: SC in first 3, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (30)
Round 6: SC in first 4, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (36)
Round 7: SC in first 5, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (42)
Round 8: SC in first 6, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (48)
Round 9: SC in first 7, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (54)
Round 10-14: SC in each stitch around. (54)
Round 15: Chain 1. Skip one stitch. DC INC in the first stitch. DC in the next. DC INC in the next. Skip one stitch and slip stitch in the next. Repeat around. Slip stitch to the first stitch and fasten off. Leave a long tail to sew onto the head.
pony tail.jpg
To make the pony tail hair, chain 40. Slip stitch in each stitch back up the chain. Fasten off and leave a tail to sew on to the hair hat. I made 12. I just sew both ends (the tail made from the chain and the tail left from fastening off) on the hat, with one or two passes through the top of the piece. I tie them underneath the hat. The knots will be hidden when placed on the head. Sew right around and slightly above the center circle.
Then sew the hair hat on the head. I like to use pins to keep it where I want it as I sew.
I wrapped extra yarn around the hair and tied tightly in the back for the ponytail holder.
You could also make little pigtails this way, too. Just secure two bunches on the side of the head!

5. Short/Boy Hair
I like to use soft, fuzzy types of yarn for the hair. Lion Brand Silky Twist and Homespun or Yarn Bee’s Soft Touch are some good examples. As you crochet let some of the little “loops” in the yarn come through… do not crochet too tightly. Looser stitches will let that cute hair come through! I would pull up little fluffs as I went. Also check the “wrong” side. It may look better!
Round 1: In a magic circle, 6 HDC.
Round 2: HDC INC in each around. (12)
Round 3: HDC in first, HDC INC in next. Repeat around. (18)
Round 4: HDC in first 2, HDC INC in next. Repeat around. (24)
Round 5: HDC in first 3, HDC INC in next. Repeat around. (30)
Round 6: HDC in first 4, HDC INC in next. Repeat around. (36)
Round 7: HDC in first 5, HDC INC in next. Repeat around. (42)
Round 8: HDC in first 6, HDC INC in next. Repeat around. (48)
Round 9: HDC in first 7, HDC INC in next. Repeat around. (54)
Rounds 10-11: HDC in each stitch around. (54)
Fasten off and leave a long tail to sew on.
Short hair.jpg
See how fun the hair makes these dolls! There are so many options, when you take in account the kind of yarn, the style of attaching it, and adding headbands or flowers! Such a fun part of the doll!
If you have any questions, pop over to The Friendly Crochet Club! This is the best place if you have any questions!! 
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