Seven Reasons Why Busy Moms Should Crochet

Recently I was telling a friend that I think that anyone who wanted to crochet could learn how to. She said that she just didn’t feel like she could learn how, being a busy mom and all. “But I would love to pick up a new hobby!” she told me. I told her that crocheting is the perfect hobby for moms! And after that conversation I got to thinking about it more and came up with seven reasons why it is really the perfect hobby for busy moms. So here you go- the Seven Reason that Busy Moms Should Learn to Crochet.

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1. It is easy. No, really, it is!
To get started you only have to know a few terms and learn a couple of stitches. For many projects, you may only need to know one stitch! And ever since the internet, things are becoming very easy to do on your own. I taught myself using youtube videos and online tutorials. And there are loads of bloggers out there that want to help! Moogly blog has some AMAZING stitch tutorials. Lots of them are advanced, but she goes into detail on the single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet (the main stitches you need) as well. Believe me, if you have access to the internet and you want to, you can learn to crochet.

2. It is cheap, Cheap, CHEAP!
To start some hobbies you really have to make a financial commitment. But with crochet if you find that you don’t love it, you are out hardly anything! Would you believe me if I said that you could crochet a scarf for $5? That is it. AND you can use that hook forever and you may have some leftover yarn. Fabulous, right? Now, that is without buying luxury yarn and the expensive hooks, and the two or three other things you may need for advanced projects. But I used my cheap Walmart hooks for a long time, until very recently in fact. I did upgrade (to these Clover Armour hooks that were totally worth it) because I have a death grip apparently, and I crochet enough that it was worth it.  But the whole reason I decided to learn to crochet was so that I could make my son a hat for cheaper than the ugly ones I was able to find in my small town. And I did! (Although it was a little ugly itself- I’ve come a long way!) And you can too! There are sooooooo many wonderful free patterns out there, as well! Check out a whole bunch of Free Patterns HERE

This is, of course, to get started. Once you get hooked (see what I did there?) you will buy more yarn than you use, and want to make bigger, awesomer, and amazinger projects as you go… But to get started, you won’t be out too much if you decide to try something else! 

3. Crochet doesn’t ask questions- Crochet understands
With little kids there are a lot of interruptions. Understatement of the year, amiright? While I enjoy things like sewing, spray painting, updating furniture, etc. they are nap time only projects around these parts. However, I can whip out my crochet project and get a few stitches in while my little guy plays by himself. I don’t have to worry about the paint drying before the next coat. Or wet paint drying while my kid climbs on the table. Crochet will wait patiently for you until you get back to it. Unlike those small people who need you NOW! NOW! NOW!

4. Portability
You may have a hard time hiding your paint projects. It is impossible to bring your sewing machine in the car or to the park. But with your crochet project, you can hide it in the one place your kids cannot reach. You can relax and sit in the back yard while your kids run around. And you can finish projects in the car on road trips, when your kids are safely caged, err, buckled in. I use this AWESOME crochet drum and it has a place for your project, yarn, handy places for scissors, hooks, stitch markers, everything you would need for crocheting! I use it on the go, but in the house, too. It’s just pretty handy. I love that I can stash it away super quickly, you know, in case of a toddler emergency.

5.  Moms have kids. Kids need things.
I already mentioned why I started to crochet- to make a hat for my baby. Well I haven’t bought a hat since then! And I happen to know a lot of moms who are having babies… They get hats and blankets! Niece having a birthday? You get a crochet mermaid blanket! Or how about one of these adorable bunnies?

Or one of these cute dolls?

 You get a hat! You get a scarf! You get a hat! haha but really…I love being able to make something that is homemade and useful.   And there are so many awesome patterns out there that you can really personalize your gift!

6. A little break with no one to ask you why? Why? WHY?
Some days after cleaning mac n cheese out of the carpet, pretending to be totally cool and collected as I deal with the meltdown in the check out line, and giving in and turning on Curious George, I just want to sit and NOT THINK VERY HARD. Those are the days I watch Friends reruns or read Pride and Prejudice AGAIN. Because my head hurts. And I may be kind of grumpy. With the right pattern, crocheting becomes a little automatic after a while. Once you get the pattern down you can just go and go and be productive while in a crafting coma. OR if you have lots of interruptions it won’t be the end of the world to pause and come back. I recommend a nice scarf or blanket for these crafting comas. Or try doing something in pieces… like this fox blanket or this hexagon blanket.

7. It’s nice to accomplish something! 
When I began to learn how to crochet I was a new mom. I graduated with a Bachelors degree 3 weeks after I had my boy and became a stay at home mom. To say I struggled to adjust is putting it mildly. I knew that I wanted to spend the time with my children, but I had always been working or in school and it was super easy to see how you were doing in that role… You write a great paper you get an A. Your work is satisfactory, you get paid. But as a mom… Even though I loved it (and still love it!) you are never done. You may be doing something right and then BAM something new comes up and you have to figure it out all over again. And lets not talk about the futility of doing the dishes and the laundry… Let me tell you, that finishing a project like a blanket and a hat, seeing it being used (and best yet you made it yourself!) its pretty much just the best feeling ever. Then you can go back to dishes and messes and tantrums, but now with one more pretty thing in the house. I find it renews me, gives me a little break, a little pat on the back, and I am ready to be a better mommy and play dinosaurs or cars again.

and a bonus reason…

That feeling you get when your adorable kids love and wear the things you made them? It is absolutely priceless!

So there you have it! My seven reasons why busy moms should learn to crochet. What would you add to the list? Why do you crochet?

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