The Friendly Molly

I am so excited to introduce to you, The Friendly Molly Crochet doll! At just over 9 inches, the Friendly Molly is the perfect size for little hands to cuddle. The body and head is made in one piece and I share some tips to minimize that dreaded "head wobble." Perfectly sweet with darling little pigtails and her little overalls, Molly would be a darling present for any little girl! I designed her with young ones in mind, so everything is attached, the hair is crocheted so it won't unravel, and extra cute for lots of play and snuggles.

The Friendly Molly Crochet a Long will begin on August 19. The pattern and my tips and tricks for making a crochet doll will be released during the course of one week.
The schedule will look like this:
August 19: Legs and Body
August 22: Head
August 24: Arms and Overall straps
August 25: Hair
Throughout the week I will also be sharing some tips and tricks on how to make dolls so extra special! Don't worry if you have any questions or concerns... Join the Friendly Crochet Club on facebook and please ask! I will be checking in often to address them! And please share your pictures. When we made the Friendly Elephant it was such a joy to see all the variations! I can't even wait to see all of your dolls!

Also, make sure you sign up for The Friendly Newsletter! I will be sending some of the tips and tricks straight to your email, as well as updates! This is THE BEST way to stay in touch, as sometimes my posts on social media can get lost in the shuffle.

Follow me on instagram as I share my progress there as well! Use hashtags? Be sure to use #thefriendlymollyCAL so we can see yours!

The pattern will be here on the blog for one month, free of charge! On September 19, however, you will only be able to find it in my Etsy or Ravelry shop. Make as many as you want during that month as you can :)

If you would like the ad-free, printable PDF version you can purchase it on Etsy or Ravelry. Remember it will only be available here on the blog for one month! If you buy it this month it will be at the discounted price.

You will need:
Size 3.5 E hook (you can use up to a 4.0 hook if you need to. Just know that small, tight stitches generally makes for better amigurumi!)
Approx 100 g size 4 worsted yarn in skin color
*I recommend Hobby Lobby's I Love this Yarn in Ivory for the skin color. For more of my favorite options please read this article on Favorite Yarn for Crochet Dolls.
Approx 50g in size 4 worsted yarn in pink (or your preferred color)
Small amount of white size 4 worsted yarn.
Approx 50g of hair color yarn
Crochet Hook in Size 4.0 or 3.75
Tapestry Needle
Polyfil (I HIGHLY recommend this brand for amigurumi)
10.5mm safety eyes (you get what you pay for with safety eyes. I recommend staying away from the bulk batches)
black embroidery thread for eye lashes
stitch marker
Foam roller (optional- see this post on preventing head wobble for more information. I will provide a pattern for a crochet one if you prefer.)

You can personalize Molly with whatever skin color, hair color, and outfit color you would like! I love that you can make a few changes and get such a different doll!

All updates will be made on this page so make sure you bookmark it! Sharing this post to your Facebook wall would help too! You will always know where to go to find it;)

You do have some homework before we begin... Be sure to read my Best Tips and Tricks for Amigurumi! Start off on the right foot, with all the stuff I wish I knew before my first amigurumi project!

Abbreviations and Tips&Tricks
(Please note that gauge is not overly important here. Unless you have wide gaps in your fabric of single crochet, then go down a hook size until you achieve tight stitches.)
*Written in US Crochet Terms*

SC- single crochet
SC INC- single crochet increase (2 SC in each stitch)
INV DEC- Invisible decrease (put hook through the FRONT LOOP ONLY of two consecutive stitches [two loops on hook] Yarn over pull through both loops. [two loops on hook] Yarn over pull through two loops)
Magic Circle- Make a loop, leaving a long tail to work with. Insert hook in center of loop, yarn over and draw up a loop. Yarn over, pull through to make the first chain (this does not count as a stitch!). Continue to crochet over the loop and tail with the number of stitches called for. (If you need 6 SC, then crochet 6 SC inside the ring.) Pull the tail to close the circle.

Say No to Wobbly Heads!
For this pattern, the legs, body and head are all one piece. That helps with the wobble, but there are few extra steps that make a big difference. First, make sure you are stuffing really well. You always need more than you think. Keep in mind that it will “deflate” for lack of a better term, over time. Make sure the body is packed, the neck is stuffed VERY well, and the head is too. On the other hand, if you over stuff the stitches will stretch and you can see the stuffing. Obviously stop before you get to that point.
You can also add something to the neck. My newest and most favorite way is to use a foam hair roller. Yes, the kind that is used to curl hair! I get 6 for $1 at the Dollar Tree. They are the smaller, skinnier kind.Just stick them through the neck and stuff as well as you can around it. I needed to bend mine over because it was a little too big but it was no problem! This is by far the sturdiest I have ever seen my doll heads.
 You can also crochet a tube. For this doll, because the neck is 12 stitches around, SC 11 in a magic circle. SC around until you reach about 20 rows (stuffing as you go) and then decrease and sew it shut. You will want to make sure that it is very firmly packed. Stuff it down the neck. Fill around with stuffing as well. (see I told you stuffing was important!)

Always move your stitch marker to the last stitch in the round. This pattern is worked in continuous rounds. Stuff as you go.

Before you begin, please watch this video on how to change colors. It makes a big difference as you change colors often in this part!
Legs and Body
Round 1: In a magic circle, SC 6
Round 2: SC INC in each stitch around (12)
Round 3: SC in first, SC INC in next. Repeat around. (18)
Round 4-12: SC in each stitch around. (18)
Change to overall color.
Rounds 13-18: SC in each stitch around. (18) 
Fasten off.
Repeat for the second leg but do not fasten off. Instead, chain 3 and then SC in the next stitch of the other leg. Take care to crochet over the tail left over by fastening off. SC around the entire leg. When you come to the three chains, SC in each chain around the next leg. SC over the chain back to the other leg. In the last SC on the last chain place your stitch marker. (This is round 19.)
Please watch this video on how to attach the legs!

Round 20: SC around. (42)
Rounds 21-33: SC around (42)
Change to t-shirt color.
Round 34: In back loop only, SC in each around. (42)
Round 35: 4 SC, INV DEC, repeat around. (35)
Round 36: 3 SC, INV DEC, repeat around. (28)
Change to skin color.
Round 37: 2 SC, INV DEC, repeat around.(21)
Round 38: 1 SC, INV DEC, repeat around. (14)
INV DEC  until you have 12 stitches on the round
Round 39: SC in each stitch around. (12)
From here we will be increasing the head. So do not fasten off!! That part will come out on Tuesday!
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