Mini Ballerina Animal Crochet Dolls

These little crochet dolls came to be by a happy accident... I was playing around with the idea of a smaller bunny, my facebook group told me they needed the pattern, and I am a sucker for anything mini! (see my mini octopus and giraffe!) but I couldn't stop there and next thing I knew, there was a bear and a kitty.

The Mini Ballerina Animals are about 9 inches tall from slipper to ear and 3 inches wide. These animals are the perfect dolls for little girls who dream of being a ballerina. For this pattern, I recommend using size 4 worsted weight yarn in whatever color you prefer.  This pattern comes with the bunny, bear, kitty, dress, flowers and slippers, as well as a copy of My Best Tips and Tricks for Crochet Dolls.  
Find the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy

You will love how quickly these work up... much faster than the original Ballerina Animals but with all the cute! You can make them all and in all the colors. Now I love the originals, I think they are the perfect size for a doll, but sometimes you need something quick! :)

If you are wondering how the larger Animal Ballerinas compare...
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