I often get emails and messages asking me to help choose the best hooks, or asking where do I get some safety eyes, or “hey, I’d like to start a blog, where do I get started?” So I thought it may be helpful to get all my favorite tools and resources in one place!
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The Essentials

These Clover Amour hooks have been life savers! I can hardly crochet with anything else! And they are an awesome deal on Amazon.

These Furls hooks are also incredibly popular! They glide so smoothly! These are a little more of an investment but so worth it!

These bent needles are amazing for sewing one amigurumi heads and blocks together! I was skeptical about it at first, but now I can barely live without them!


If you ever have to make more than one pom pom this is seriously the way to go! I know you CAN make one without a Clover Pom Pom Maker, but it is easier, faster, and better with one of these!

These are the only stitch markers I use anymore. Too many times I lost them and then my count… But these lock into place easily and quickly and won’t come out! They are essential for amigurumi projects! I also put it in the loop of my stitch when I put projects away so they don’t unravel (or in case my toddler gets it!!

I never crochet in the same place. And if we are driving more than 30 minutes you know I am bringing my yarn with me! I really love the yarn drum for that! There is quite a bit of storage space and pockets for scissors, needles, etc!

I get the most questions on safety eyes! When I am making amigurumi, it is usually as a gift and I want those suckers to stay in! I have seen incredibly cheap eyes but that is what they are- cheap. I always buy from the seller Sassy Bears on Amazon.
I have also had great success with 6060 eyes on Etsy!