The Friendly Sophie Outfit details

This post contains all the information on how to make The Friendly Sophie’s details and added charm! Please GO HERE for the base doll pattern.

For the Friendly Sophie I made the hair hat and attached the hair as outlined in this post. Her hair is Red Heart Unforgettable in Cappuccino. The dark hair is Lion Brand Hometown in Black.

Make the Shirt
To make the dress, chain to a length that will just barely reach around
the body. Due to the variations of yarn, amount of stuffing, and which
hook you use, it is really difficult to give an exact number. (As a
starting point, I chained 35 with my 4.0 hook.) The amount of stitches
will not affect the pattern. Just make sure it will go around the doll.
Double check after a few rows that you can pull it up her body. Better
to frog now than cry later!
(HINT: You could also do a foundation double crochet here.)
Chain to desired length. Slip stitch together to form a ring. Double check that you did not twist the chain.
Row 1: DC in each stitch across. Sl st to the first stitch.
Row 2-10: Chain 2. DC in the same stitch. DC in each across.
Row 11: DC in the first, stitch, DC INC in the next. Repeat across.
Row 12: DC in the first two stitches, DC INC in the next. Repeat across.
Fasten off and weave in the ends.

For the Ruff:
Chain to the desired length. For the black haired doll I chained to 20, for the light haired doll I chained to 28. HDC in each chain. Chain 2 and turn. DC 3 in each stitch across. Slip stitch to the original chain. DC 3 in each stitch on the other side of the chain.
Sew together around the neck. Attach to the shirt portion.
(If you want the shirt/tunic to be removable, make sure the ruffle is long enough that you can bring the arms out.)

The Boots
Use a hook about a half size bigger than the hook you used for the doll. I used a 3.75 mm for the doll and a 4.5 mm for the boots.
Round 1: In a magic circle, SC 6
Round 2: SC INC in each stitch around (12)
Round 3-16:  SC in each stitch around. (12)

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