Crochet Road Blanket Tutorial

This little guy loves cars, trucks, vans, semis, pretty much anything on wheels. It’s an off day if I don’t step on a car booby trapping the stairs. I stash little cars in my purse for shopping emergencies. One time I gave a HotWheels to the cashier instead of my card. “What do you mean hot wheels are not an accepted form of payment?”

Anywayyyyy… My kid loves cars. And I had wanted to make him a little car blanket for a while because my husband mentioned once that he had one as a kid and loved it. I thought that was pretty sweet, and if my kid would roll his cars on a blanket instead of my arms and legs (sometimes face) then I was all for it! I even bought this fabric getting ready to sew him one. Then I saw this blanket from Repeat Crafter Me, and it was like light bulb. I am way better at crocheting than I am at sewing… So I went that route!

Here is what I used:

  • size 5 mm hook
  • Vanna’s Choice in Kelly Green
  • Red Heart With Love in Iced Aqua
  • Gray yarn
  • Small amounts of yarn in your choice for truck, mountains, trees and borders

For the blanket I chained 85 and then DC in each stitch across. Repeat for 48 rows. Then change to the blue. Continue on for 16 more rows.
For the border I HDC around the entire thing in gray, then red, and then in orange. Remember to do two stitches in the corners to keep the whole thing flat and even.

I don’t have an exact pattern for the road. I chained to the length that I thought would work best (I laid it out on the blanket to check) and then TRC in each stitch for the entire length. I turned and the continued to add a TRC in each stitch. When I wanted the road to turn I would do multiple stitches in one stitch. So just a couple of increases in a row. To go the opposite way I would decrease for a couple of stitches in a row. To be honest, it was a real guess and check, but it wasn’t as hard as it might sound! Then I cut some yellow yarn and sewed the little lines on the road. Then I sewed the whole road on. It is helpful to pin the road where you would like it to be because it is pretty longish.

Get the patterns for the mountains and the trees here.

Stay tuned for the applique patterns coming soon! Follow me on by email, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter to get updates! 

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